We’ve been calling this little girl “Penny” as she is as bright as one! This little bundle is a cute and fun puppy! She’s somewhere between moderate and mellow (as she snuggles in nicely when we pick her up, but is quite game to play and run around when she’s on the floor). She will finish out to be a full sized mini or very small medium, likely around 25 to 30 pounds. She has a cute little chocolate nose and carries for parti and maybe for phantom as well… She will suit a family wanting a fun dog to play with kids and go for long walks. She would also likely do quite well at aglity if somebody was interested in doing that sport, as she has the brains, sense of fun and great conformation to be able to enjoy it.

Labradoodles Foster Program

Fostering is a wonderful arrangement that is beneficial to dog, breeder, and the family that fosters the dog. Copper Canyon Labradoodles has an Australian Labradoodle Foster Program for families in the Vancouver BC area.

Instead of kenneling their dogs, Copper Canyon Labradoodles places them with an appropriate family from the time they are a young age. This ensures that the animal is socialized properly and grows up in a loving, family home. When the dog is old enough for breeding, they return to Copper Canyon to be bred.  The girls are with their guardian families when they are pregnant, return to Copper Canyon when the puppies are due, and then go back to their families when the puppies are weaned. After the contract is finished, Copper Canyon spays or neuters the dog and they are returned to their foster family on a permanent basis.

Contact Copper Canyon Labradoodles for more information about the foster program requirements and whether your family is a good fit for the program.

Available for Fostering:

We are planning to keep back a couple puppies from our upcoming litters with D’Ore and Mabeline (possibly), so we will be looking for a home for two medium Australian Labradoodle puppies, most likely a girl! Please feel free to contact us if you are interested.

Fostering a dog can be an excellent way to have a top quality dog for a family pet. We do not believe in the long term kennelling of our dogs. Dogs raised in kennels often do not get the socialization and stimulation that is needed to be a well balanced, happy animal. Therefore, we like to place our upcoming babies in forever homes with suitable families as their dog and we retain breeding rights.

We pay for all health testing, and when the dog is old enough, they come back to our home for breeding and whelping. When the dog reaches the age (usually somewhere around the age of five or six for girls) where they should be retired from breeding, we spay the dog for you and the dog enjoys the wonderful home it’s had all it’s life.

Males are usually retained for siring babies for longer, but do not need to leave their families for long periods.

Fostering programs have many benefits for the foster family, the breeder and the dog:

  • foster families have a ‘pick of litter’ puppy chosen by the breeder
  • the dog doesn’t need to be rehomed as an adult after retiring
  • there is no need for the breeder to kennel the dogs, so the dogs are happy and healthy
  • the dogs are well socialized and in good environments
  • foster families can schedule trips during whelpings without paying for kennelling their pet

There are certain requirements for providing a foster home for one of our dogs. Foster families must:

  • own their own homes
  • have a fully fenced yard
  • take their dog to puppy obedience classes
  • ensure the puppy is well socialized
  • provide veterinary care when needed and to notify the breeder of what has transpired!
  • feed a diet approved by the breeder
  • notify breeder when a female begins her heat cycle
  • must not allow a female around intact males during her cycle
  • must not allow a male to breed other females!
  • live within reasonable driving distance
  • be interviewed by the breeder

Copper Canyon Labradoodles does charge a $600 dollar security deposit for our guardian dogs, and $200 per litter is returned when the female has a litter for us. We feel that people often do not value what comes without cost and a nominal fee encourages foster families to think seriously before bringing a dog into the home. Please understand that a foster or guardian arrangement is meant to be a PERMANENT home for the dog; it becomes YOUR dog and it is very hard on a dog to be rehomed after it is used to you and has grown to love your family!

Contact us if you are interested in being a part of our foster/guardian program. Much of this contract is similar to our health guarantee, but certain clauses are different and so it is posted for your perusal. If you think our foster program interests you, please feel free to contact us and see what we have coming available for fostering.