5 Ways Children Benefit from Having a Dog

5 Ways Children Benefit from Having a Dog
a girl laying in the grass with two labradoodles

Many children, at one point in life, beg their parents for a puppy. Parents often immediately jump to all the added chores and financial obligations of owning a pet, but did you know that growing up with a dog can benefit a child’s physical and psychological development?

Here are five ways children benefit from growing up with a canine best friend!

1) Encourages an Active Lifestyle

Caring for a dog encourages a more active lifestyle. Many dogs require daily walks or runs and plenty of playtime. Those adorable puppy eyes they give you will motivate you even when you’re not feeling up to it!

2) Teaches Responsibility

Having a pet is a great way to teach responsibility to kids. Making sure that the family dog has food and water gives children a first glimpse of accountability and obligation. It will help children learn to take the initiative, remain grounded, and teach them that another living thing depends on them. Children also learn empathy and compassion by caring for their pets while developing a higher level of self-esteem by taking care of their pet-owning responsibilities.

3) Dogs Offer Protection

Dogs are our trusted guardians. And when it comes to children, they truly let their protective nature take over. They’ll look after the human “puppies” as if they are their own, never letting their guard down.

4) Can Improve Newborns Health  

A baby’s first year is full of important health and development milestones. Having a dog in the home during that year could help your baby develop a stronger immune system. Children who interact with dogs during the first year of their lives have a lower frequency of allergies and asthma. Babies who have close contact with dogs also tend to get sick less often in that first year.

5) Enhances Emotional Intelligence

Caring for a pet does more than teaching your child about responsibility; it also helps them grow emotionally. Studies have shown that contact with a family dog develops nurturing behavior in children, encouraging them to show empathy and enhance positive self-esteem.

Children with a pet dog are also less likely to suffer from feelings of isolation and loneliness. Canine companionship gives them a furry friend to rely on and helps them develop the ability to understand friendship and connect well with others from an early age.

Growing up with a dog can enrich the lives of children in so many ways. Invest in your child’s future and happiness by contacting Copper Canyon Labradoodles! We are taking a break from litters for the summer, but we will keep the website updated for new news! This gives you and your family time to prepare for a new furry friend, so you have an easy and smooth transition into puppy life.

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