The Benefits of Children Growing Up With Dogs

If you’ve been bouncing around the idea of getting your kid a dog, here’s the answer: you should. Why should children grow up with a dog in the house? There are many reasons. First, a study in Finland found that babies who live with dogs get sick less because dogs cause babies to be exposed… Read more »

Spring Cleaning: Keeping a Labradoodle’s Fur Mud Free

With April showers come May showers – and mud and the need for baths for your pup. With spring around the corner, it’s likely that your labradoodle will get into some of the mud outdoors in the coming weeks as you let them out to play in the warmer weather. Labradoodles have a specific type… Read more »

Five Questions to Ask Before Adopting a Labradoodle

So you have decided to add a labradoodle to your family? Congratulations! We are very excited for you to take this next step in your life. Before you adopt, there are a few questions that you should ask yourself before bringing your new labradoodle home. Can I afford the financial aspects of a dog? Dogs… Read more »

History of the Australian Labradoodle

Labradoodle History

We might be biased, but we believe that the Australian labradoodle is a great addition to any family or household. As you might know, one of the wonderful things about labradoodles is that they are not likely to cause issues in anyone with allergies or sensitivities to animal dander and saliva. But did you know… Read more »

The Gift of Puppy Love: What to Consider Before You Give

Are you thinking about giving a puppy as a holiday present? Oh, how wonderful! First things first, there’s a lot to consider before giving the gift of a furry new friend as a gift. Who Is Your Recipient? To start, you should first consider who will be getting the puppy. Are they ready for the… Read more »

Celebrating Christmas With Your Labradoodle: Holiday Safety Tips

The holiday season has sprung into action! Now that Halloween has passed, everywhere you go is overrun with Christmas cheer and holiday excitement. It is a wonderful time filled with joy, excitement, hard work, food, festivities, family and friends! With so much stimuli, the holiday season can be a wonderful time not only for the… Read more »

Labradoodles and Winter Weather

Labradoodles and Winter Weather

With our autumn days limited, it is time to think about how to protect ourselves and our labradoodles from the cold winds and freezing temperatures that the upcoming winter will bring. Here in British Columbia, we know how cold it can get, so proper care is especially essential around these parts. Here are a couple… Read more »

Labradoodles and Thanksgiving: What Foods Not to Share

Thanksgiving is the biggest food-driven holiday of the year and truly kicks off the holiday season. You get together with friends and family and enjoy a wonderful meal and great company. For many of us, this also includes your pet or those of your friends or family. Most pet owners consider pets to be part… Read more »

Planning for a Puppy

So you’re considering adding a canine member to your family? Wonderful! We believe that our boys and girls would be a wonderful addition to any home. Our labradoodles have wonderful caring and friendly personalities and are sure to be a great match for a family with children or an adult looking for a sweet friend… Read more »

Pups and Parties: Tips for Fall Fun for All

If you have a labradoodle, you know this breed thrives when interacting with people. Characterized by their good humor and easy-going nature, labradoodles are amazing, gentle dogs that can easily be integrated into your social events this fall. Do you have plans of throwing or attending a party this fall? Consider allowing your pup to… Read more »