Cocoa and Copper Canyon Shades of Twilight (Dusk) – Summer 2016

Mini Australian Labradoodle Litter, born July 14 2016 and ready to go home September 8th 2016

Chocolates, blacks, golds and phantoms expected in this litter, 14 – 16 inches and 18 – 24 pounds.

Cocoa has outdone herself and she has eight beautiful babies this time!  Both mom and babies are doing fine.  3 girls and 5 boys, if I counted right.  Cocoa is a daughter of our Muggles and has very nice phantom markings herself. She has a great temperament and her litter last year with Dusk was very nice, so we are wanting to repeat it! Cocoa is a very solidly built girl with lovely boning and a very nice coat. A happy go lucky girl, very social and very smart, she is just oversize for a mini (even though both her parents are minis) and so is a small medium in size.

Dusk is a cute little scamp with loads of personality! He is charm in a small package, as he is only 12 inches tall. He has an amazing coat of nonshedding fleece that does not matt and he is quite the charmer! Dusk carries for red and chocolate and has kept his colour very nicely. At 12 inches, he is a very small mini and his puppies are very cute!  This will be a repeat pairing as we were really pleased with their babies together last time!  You can see their litter from earlier on the Previous Litters Archive

I expect these puppies will be in the mini size range, 14 to 16 inches at the shoulder and between 16 to 24 pounds when fully grown. This litter will be graded as Australian Labradoodles. If you are interested in one of our puppies, please be in touch via email or phone.

Here they are at 7 weeks old:


Black Boy – going to the Scott family

This handsome fellow is a gentle, social and sweet boy.  He does like to play, but he settles right in when he’s picked up.  He’s got great therapy potential and will suit a family wanting a fun, mellow, easy companion.  He’s the biggest puppy in the litter and may reach 30 pounds like his mom.


Caramel Girl – going to the Clark family

This little sweetie is a cutie!  She has a white tuxedo chest and 4 white paws.  She’s confident and loves to give kisses.  She’s very social and likes people.  She’s a smaller puppy in the litter.  She’s between mellow and moderate for energy levels and will suit a family wanting a fun dog to go for walks, romps on the beach and then relax at home after.


Red Collar Gold Boy – going to the Robbins family

This lovely boy is a cute fellow!  He’s got a big white blaze on his chest and white feet as well.  He’s a gentle puppy when we pick him up, but he likes to follow at our feet and is definitely social. He’ll suit a family with kids or grand kids and I really like him.


Chocolate Boy – going to the Salter family

This handsome boy is a gentle and mellow fellow!  He’s a nice sized puppy likely to finish around 25 pounds when fully grown.  He has a lovely coat of chocolate fleece and he’ll make a wonderful companion for a family with kids or grand kids.


Chocolate Girl – going to the Milne family

This cute girl is a playful and outgoing puppy!  She is very social and has super steady nerves.  More towards moderate for energy levels, she will suit a family with older kids or a person wanting a dog that will keep up on hikes and walks and such.  She has a curly fleece coat and is a nicely put together puppy.


Pink Collar Girl

This girl will be staying with us and hopefully joining our breeding program


Blue Plaid Collar Boy – going to the Barbarie family

This handsome fellow is as nice as they come!


Caramel Boy – going to the Forsythe family

This boy is one of the smaller puppies in the litter.  He’s a super sweet, gentle little fellow who gives kisses but also settles in when we pick him up.  He’s a smart little fellow and will learn quickly.  I think he’d do really well with kids or grand kids.

They have grown a lot in 2 weeks!




Three weeks…


Two weeks!




Deposits pre-booked for this litter:

  1.   Copper Canyon (she will be looking for a guardian home)
  2.   The Barberie family, Nanaimo BC
  3.   The Salters, Parksville BC
  4.  The Forsythe family, Moncton NB
  5.  The Milne family, Ladysmith BC
  6.  The Robbins family, Surrey BC
  7.   The Clark family, Terrace BC
  8.  The Scott family, Tsawwassen BC