Copper Canyon D’ore and Aramis Antares (Chili) 2017

Medium Australian Labradoodle Litter, born March 15 2017, going home May 10 – 13 2017

Golds, apricots and maybe reds expected in this litter, 17 – 19 inches and 30 – 38 pounds.

Congratulations D’ore!  She has six new arrivals, ALL girls!  Introducing our lovely D’ore (pronounced Dorrie), as she is such a beautiful deep gold colour!  D’ore loves to go on adventures at the park and loves to go for walks and car rides.  She is a fun, confident girl who has a great zest for life (and couch time).  She is a Maple daughter and we are delighted that she has passed her health testing with great results.  Smart, easy to train, social and sweet, we can’t say enough about this lovely girl.

I had wanted to have Bentley sire this litter, but he’s too closely related I decided, as I inspected pedigrees the other day, so we are thinking to let Chili, our moyen poodle boy, do the honours this time.  Chili is one of the friendliest dogs you will ever meet!  He loves kids and walks and couch time.  Chili is a lovely boy with excellent structure and a perfect personality, he is worthy in every way to sire a labradoodle litter!  He carries for mismarks and so we may well see some tuxedo puppies from them and maybe red or apricot partis as well.  These puppies should finish out in the medium size range, I expect.  She’s maybe 33 pounds and Chili is 35 pounds.  We will see reds and apricots and golds in their litter together and likely most of the puppies will be wavy fleece coats.  This litter will be graded as Australian Labradoodles.

Here are her babies:

Blue Collar Girl – going to the Davenport family

This cutie is quite the going concern!  She’s fun and playful and cuddly and not fazed my much!  she has a beautiful coat of deep gold curls and is moderately active.  She will suit a family with older children.

Black Stripe Collar Girl – going to the Leavitwright family

What a sweet girl!  She’s cuddly and sweet but also likes to play.  She is a bit smaller than some of her sisters (2.65 kilos) so I think she will finish as a smaller medium.  She has a lovely coat of curly deep apricot.  She will make a great companion or family pet.  She’s somewhere between mellow and moderate.

Double Collar Girl – going to the McRae family

This sweet girl is a gentle one.  She is a bit bigger than some of her siblings and she is a really nice puppy.  More towards mellow for energy, she still checks out new things and likes to play.  So many of these puppies are so very similar in personality…  She will make a good companion for a family with younger children or grand children.

Pink Floral Collar Girl – the Blythe family

This gentle puppy is another nice little puppy!  Softer natured and sweet, she will make a good family pet for a family with young children or grand children.  She is a deep gold colour and has a beautiful coat.  She is a bit bigger than some of her sisters, weighing 2.85 kilos and will likely finish as a good sized medium.

Red Stripe Collar Girl – the Guise family

Another sweetie!  This gal has a wavy fleece coat of softer gold with darker apricot ears.  She is a gentle, playful and sweet puppy who would make a lovely pet for a family.  She’s a bit smaller than some of her siblings (2.67 kilos) and has a really cute little face!  She’s likely to be a smaller medium in size, maybe similar to her mom.

Multicolour Collar Girl – going to the Holtan family

She’s a deep golden apricot colour with a lovely coat of curly fleece.  Between moderate and mellow, she is playful and cuddles in nicely when we pick her up.  She is a nice puppy and it’s interesting that so many of the personalities in this litter are so similar…  playful but sweet.

Deposits pre-booked for this litter:

1  The Holtan Cowell family, N Vancouver BC

2  The Mcrae family, Surrey BC

3  The Blythe family, N Vancouver BC

4  The Somers family, Comox BC (moved from Bella’s litter as there are not enough puppies)




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