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Due to covid-19 there have been many puppy requests and our fall/winter litter lists are full right now. There is room currently on two planned litters for early spring 2022. Please excuse that we have been fairly overwhelmed with puppy requests and so when you send a puppy adoption application or email, I may not personally have time to answer them all as I have in pre covid times. When I have litters posted that have room on them, please reach out then by phone or email and that will work best!

Please email us if you see a litter plan opening that interests you.  Please also be aware that randomly my emails that I reply to have not been going thro, which is somewhat frustrating. If you don’t get a reply, please pick up the phone!

Please try and time your calls between 9am and 8:30pm pacific standard time, Monday – Saturday. Sunday calls are not a thing for us as 7 days a week isn’t workable!

Linda – Copper Canyon Labradoodles
Chemainus, BC V0R 1K4


Toll Free: 877 850 2022

COVID 19 Requirements

Please stay home and do not visit us if you have any signs of covid, cold or flu

We can provide hand sanitizing and all interactions will happen outdoors during the pandemic. Social distancing should be observed by all parties.

Puppy allocation will primarily be done via zoom, email or website information sharing and phone calls.

For puppies going home, outdoor or “curbside” style pickups can work for local families. For our mainland families, float planes are an easy option.

Thanks for consideration and patience as we all navigate these times!