Labradoodle Puppy Information Page

Feeding Your Australian Labradoodle

Monks of New Skete Puppy Training Article and Link to their website

Cesar Milan: The Dog Whisperer ~ excellent TV show and entertaining info on dog instincts and how to use them for training.

Coat types of Labradoodles

Australian Labradoodle breed standard

Shopping List:

  • premium dog food, either raw or a good quality kibble (see our page on feeding your dog)
  • stainless or ceramic/glass food and water dish
  • kongs, rope bones, chew toys
  • baby gate(s) if needed
  • dog crate, if planning on crate training. If you buy one that will fit the dog as an adult, plan on blocking half of it off at first
  • so puppy doesn’t potty in it.
  • dog bed (optional but nice. An old blanket will work too.)
  • good quality leash and collar, no retractable leads please! (Your puppy needs to learn to walk WITH you, not all over the place.)
  • dog license/dog tag
  • flea treatment/heartworm protection as needed, depending on your area
  • good quality training treats
  • apple bitters spray to discourage chewing
  • grooming supplies: slicker brush, shampoo, scissors, ear powder, tweezers, drying ear wash, (electric clippers if you wish)