Expected Labradoodle Litters

We are proud to introduce our lovely Australian Labradoodle ladies and their beaus! This page is for our planned upcoming litters… enjoy!

To be placed on our wait list, fill out our adoption application and then place a non-refundable deposit with us for one of our labradoodle puppies. Our applications are filled in the order we receive them. If there is not a puppy that suits your request in the current litter, then your name will be moved to the next wait list that matches your puppy request.

This list is for families that for whom we have accepted deposits/forms and are waiting for particular colours/sex/coat types but not yet assigned to a particular litter or who have asked to wait til timing is right. Their names will be put on lists as puppies come available and as they let us know to be placed on a litter list.

  • The L Christianson family, Vancouver BC
  • The Bennison (Kesler) family, Pitt Meadows BC
  • The Wall family, Victoria BC
  • The Dallamore family, Comox BC
  • M. O’Toole family, California
  • The Hansen family, Victoria BC
  • The Lowen family, Edmonton AB
  • The C Ma family, Victoria BC
  • G Smith, Surrey BC
  • S Davenport, Saltspring Island BC
  • The Kennedy family, Campbell River BC
  • The Butterworth family, N Vancouver BC
  • The McQueen family, Calgary AB, Hold deposit for now.
  • N Vancouver family (refer to Buttons 2012 litter for details)
  • The Nolan family, Calgary AB prefer lighter colours, chocolate ok, M or F
  • The Lewis family, Silverdale Wa. Deposit on hold for puppy at a later date.

Copper Canyon Mabeline and Springville’s Lil Red Bentley’s 2018 Litter

Labradoodle History

Medium Australian Labradoodle Litter, planned for early 2018

Chocolates, blacks and  golds, 17 – 19 inches and 27 – 35 pounds.

Introducing Mabeline!  We have just opened this litter list and we are excited to have a Lady daughter having puppies for us again!  Mabeline’s mom Lady is a really superb example of the Australian Labradoodle breed and her daughter is just as nice as she is.  Her family calls her Mabel or Mabes.  She is a daughter of Lady out of a lovely boy named Ryder and she’s just a superb example of an Australian Labradoodle.  She has a beautiful temperament and a gorgeous, glossy curly black coat.  She never makes strange  and has super stable personality.  She is the image of her her mom, just in black instead of white!  She has passed her health testing and we are looking forward to her puppies…

We had wanted to have a litter with Mabeline and Bentley last year but that didn’t happen, so we are planning it for this year.  Bentley is a super handsome fellow who turns heads wherever he goes!  His guardian family regularly gets stopped by people walking (or driving) by to ask about him.  Chill and friendly, he is a great fishing buddy and walking companion but is equally happy to flake out and relax.  We will see apricots or golds, blacks and likely chocolates as well from this pairing.  I would expect to see both curly coats and fleece coats from these two, tho we will likely see mostly fleece coats as Bentley tends to produce that.

This will be Mabeline’s 3rd litter and her previous two litters she had enormous litters with 11 puppies, so we expect a similar size litter again.  I tried explaining to her that 7 or 8 is a nice sized litter but she didn’t seem to hear that!  However, she is a fantastic mom and does not lose condition while pregnant or nursing babies (and we feed her tons).  I expect these puppies to be a nice full sized mini to medium sized litter.  Mom is 19 inches and 35 pounds, and dad is 17 inches and 27 pounds so we expect their babies will range between them in size.  This litter will be a multigen Australian labradoodle litter.

Deposits pre-booked for this litter:

  1.  Copper Canyon
  2. The Holden family, Ft McMurray AB
  3. The Pue family, Aldergrove BC
  4. The Ricci – Stiles family, Vancouver BC

And if there’s more:



Copper Canyon Little Daisy And Alpenridge Sunset Trails – fall/winter 2017

Mini/Small Medium Australian Labradoodle Litter, planned for fall/winter 2017

Chocolates, golds or creams, possibly phantoms or parti markings, expected size between 25 and 30 pounds

Introducing Daisy!  This is mini Daisy, not the bigger one…  Daisy is a sweet natured, confident cream coloured girl out of our Fudgee and Murphy.  She has a lovely temperament and a lovely structure and carries for chocolate and phantom as well as parti, so we would expect to see some pretty puppies from her.  We expect that she should come into season in August for a litter born in October…  I think that Sunset would pair well with her.  His outgoing nature and superb temperament make him a favorite around town!  Sunset has never met a person he didn’t like and he is a gentleman about it all, not jumping or leaping about, just sits and is ready for ear scratches or belly rubs.  He adores playing fetch and is quite athletic.  This litter would be graded as multigen Australian Labradoodles.

Deposits pre-booked for this litter:

  1.  The Keller family, Kelowna BC (also on big Daisy’s litter list)
  2.  The Akiyama family, Surrey BC
  3.  The Patan family (if there are not enough puppies on Shadow’s litter)
  4.  The Araujo family, Pitt Meadows BC
  5.  The Holden family, Ft McMurray AB

And if there are more:


Copper Penny and Molly’s Major Murphy – due November 2017

Miniature/Sm Medium Australian Labradoodle Litter – expected winter 2017

reds, apricots, golds and parti markings or tuxedo markings.  Likely to be 25 – 33 pounds when fully grown

Penny is a beautiful full sized mini red Australian Labradoodle girl with a cute white blaze on her chest.  She is a great couch snuggler and has a lovely coat of red fleecy curls.  Penny is a social and affectionate girl who quite adores being picked up to lay like a baby in our arms (tho couches and beds are also highly regarded).  We think she will pair well with Murphy, who is an outgoing and fun loving boy. I would expect her to be bred in August for a litter born in October and going home in December if she does things as expected.

Murphy is a medium sized medium American Labradoodle and is a gold/white parti marked boy with a gorgeous coat of wavy fleece.  A beautiful boy with a gregarious personality, both his parents have lovely temperament.  His structure is exceptional and he has sired some lovely puppies.  I would expect to see all golds and reds in this litter and most or all of the puppies should have white on them – either full parti markings or white toes, chests, tips of tails, etc.  This litter will be full sized minis and smaller mediums I would think.  As Penny is from a litter of 10 puppies herself, we will see what she has but I would expect at least 6 puppies in this litter (she is a bit smaller than her mom).  This litter will mature to be between 25 and 33 pounds and would be graded as Australian Labradoodles and/or multigen Labradoodles.

Deposits pre-booked for this litter:

  1.  Copper Canyon
  2. The Nemeth family, Victoria BC
  3. The Mehat family, Surrey BC
  4. The Devlin Price family
  5. The Johal Merry family, Vancouver BC
  6. Deanne G, Vancouver BC

And if there’s more:

    7.  The Canning family, Abbotsford BC

Copper Canyon All That Jazz and Alpenridge Sunset Trails – due Dec 2017

Medium Australian Labradoodle Litter, due December 2017

Chocolates, golds, phantoms and parti marked puppies, expected size to be between 30 and 35 pounds.

Introducing Jazzy!  Jazzy is one of the sweetest, smartest Australian labradoodles that you will ever meet!  She takes the world in stride, will greet you with a favorite toy when you walk in the house, and she adores walks and playtime at the park.  She is also a good couch cuddler.  Super steady nerved and social, she is an outgoing charmer.  This will be Jazzy’s last litter for us and we hope to keep back a baby that is a chip off the block, as they say…  Here is a link to her litter from last year.

We were really pleased with Sunset’s litter with Jazzy from a couple years ago and so we are thinking to repeat it.  Sunset is a happy go lucky and fun loving boy who is just sure that the world will love him (and they usually do!).  He is a full sized mini and has a cafe wool coat, so we will see lots of chocolate puppies from them, and possibly gold or phantom as well as parti.  Trigger would be the back up plan, should we need one…!

This litter will be medium in size, likely between 30 and 35 pounds when fully grown and will be graded as multigen Australian Labradoodles.

Deposits pre-booked for this litter:

  1.  Copper Canyon (maybe)
  2.  The Somers family, Comox BC (moved from Bella’s litter as there were not enough puppies)
  3. The Golightly family, Victoria BC
  4. The Mcloughlin family, Richmond BC
  5. The Steyl family, 150 Mile House BC
  6. The Thomas family, Terrace BC

And if there’s more:



Copper Canyon Call The Piper and Copper Canyon Shades of Twilight (Dusk) 2017



Small Miniature Australian Labradoodle Litter, expected fall 2017

Confirmed with ultrasound!

Reds or apricots, blacks and merles in this litter.  Expected size between 12 and 20 pounds

This will be a repeat litter from last year as we were delighted with their babies together!  Piper is a super sweet natured apricot girl out of our Angie and Bentley.  She is 20 pounds of cuddle and sweetness!  She has a lovely coat and a lovely temperament.  Piper lives in Abbotsford in a guardian family with a young toddler where she gets lots of walk times.  We think she is a merle in disguise and so we are thinking to pair her with our Dusk.  Dusk is a cute little fellow, just 12 pounds.  He has the most amazing coat of soft black fur that has kept its colour very well.  He carries for red and chocolate and possibly phantom.  Here is a link to their litter from last year.

Their puppies will finish out between 12 and 20 pounds and should be true sized minis.  Expected colours: apricot or red, black, blue merle.  This litter will be graded as Australian Labradoodles.

Deposits pre-booked for this litter:

  1.   Copper Canyon
  2.  The Howe family, Langley BC
  3.  The Alecxe family, Vernon BC
  4.  The Glenday family, Edmonton AB
  5.  The Gainer family, Williams Lake BC

And if there’s more:

6.  The Polsfut family, Calgary AB

7.  Pending to The O’Donnell family, Vancouver (wanting black)

Copper Canyon Daisy and Alpenridge Sunset Trails 2017



Medium Australian Labradoodle Litter, will try again for fall 2017

Golds, chocolates, phantoms, parti’s and possibly tri’s in this litter.  Expected size around 40 pounds

What can we tell you about Daisy?!  She’s a social and gentle girl who loves to go for walks and loves people time.  She’s a beautiful medium sized girl and this will be her first litter for us.  I think that Sunset would be a good pairing for her as he’s a confident and outgoing fellow who would balance her softer, gentle nature.  Sunset is a full sized milk chocolate mini boy who carries for some interesting colours such as parti markings and phantom.  And as Daisy carries for both those colours, they will have a colourful litter together!  I would expect these babies to mature between the parents in size.  Daisy is 19 inches and 37 pounds and Sunset is 16 inches and 26 pounds, so these puppies are likely to be around 17 inches and maybe 30 pounds when fully grown.  This litter will be graded as multigen Australian Labradoodles.

Daisy didn’t get pregnant in the spring of 2017 so we hope to see a cute litter of puppies from her this fall.

Deposits pre-booked for this litter:

  1.   Copper Canyon
  2.   The Hawkes family, Burnaby BC
  3.   The Mundstock family
  4.  The Keller family, Kelowna BC (also on little Daisy’s litter list)
  5.  The Dagnillo family
  6.  The Alibhai family, Surrey BC