Expected Labradoodle Litters

We are proud to introduce our lovely Australian Labradoodle ladies and their beaus! This page is for our planned upcoming litters… enjoy!

We have no availability for puppy adoption until spring of 2021.  These have been unprecedented times and so we will post when we are planning to open up litter lists again.  Given how utterly difficult it has been for both you and ourselves when litter lists get filled in a matter of a few hours and then families who missed checking the site for that afternoon are left out, we are going to try a new procedure and at least it feels like it’s somewhat unfairly fair…  I feel like Walmart when we had toilet paper shortages in March of 2020 – we’re simply NOTHING close to being able to meet the amount of requests from very nice puppy families.

So.  I have two options and would be interested in feedback on a small poll from prospective puppy families as to which would be preferred.

Option one: when and as we plan to open up litter lists, we will post a week or two in advance that we are accepting adoption applications for a specified date/time.  Families wanting onto that litter list should email me at that time (and have an adoption application already in so I can refer to it).  At that point, we will put names into a puppy lottery and draw as many names as will fill the litter list.  Families whose names are chosen from the draw will be contacted and the other names will not be kept.  When the next litter is planned, we will repeat!

Option two:  When and as we plan to open up litter lists, we will post in advance that we are accepting adoption applications on a specified date (for instance, Dec xyz from 9am til 9pm)  and then it goes based on time and date stamp on the email, sent in at that time (it’d be prudent to have sent an application in prior to that for us to refer to).  We will contact you if you are early enough to be on the litter list.

If you’re minded to send in an opinion, just type in “lottery” or “time stamp” in the header of the email and I’ll go with whichever option gets the most votes : )

Please understand that if you are overly specific about colour or gender, there may not be a puppy to suit you in that litter.  I look forward to returning hopefully to a more typical mode of puppy raising, visiting and acceptance of adoption forms when covid goes away???!

Please note that due to covid 19, we have put an auto reply to answer the emails of families that are not on a litter list.  Our adoption application is internal and so the auto reply does not get generated; please contact us again WHEN you see a litter list open up that has room and would be a good fit for your family.

I do understand that it is hard for families (and breeders) as there has been an overwhelming demand for puppies and the local breeders have all been overwhelmed with requests such that it simply isn’t possible to meet in a few short months.  Thank you for your patience and courtesy as we all try and navigate these times…

Our winter litters are full and we will try and post a couple of new litters for the spring in December or January that would go home in March or April at the earliest.

Copper Canyon Daisy and Copper Canyon Harvard Law (Harvey) – 2020

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Copper Canyon Mia Mia and Leapfrog Oliver – winter 2020

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Copper Canyon Zola and Big Valley Darwin’s Prize (Darwin) 2020

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