Australian Labradoodle Studs

All our fine Australian labradoodle studs have been carefully selected for their temperament, type and coat. An exceptional stud contributes a lot to a breeding program, and we want to ensure that our labradoodle boys will add substance as well as a kind nature to our little labradoodle puppies! And as with all our other dogs, our studs are fully health tested before being fathers.

If you are interested in stud service from one of our lovely boys, please feel free to contact us and send us copies of completed health testing and a current brucellosis test if doing live cover.

Davidson Doodles Buster Brown

mini chocolate labradoodle boy

Buster is a lovely boy with a gentle personality and a stunning wavy fleece coat, living in a guardian home near us.  He looks a lot like our Bentley (who he is not related to), just in chocolate rather than red!  Thank you Judy for sending him to us.  Buster adores his two kids and family and he is a soft natured couch cuddler extraordinaire!  He’s 16 inches and 22 pounds of wavy fleece cuteness and we look forward to seeing babies from Buster!  He carries for gold and parti as well, so we will see some rainbow coloured litters from him.  He has fully passed his health testing and we’re delighted to have him join our program!

Big Valley Darwin’s Prize

Meet Darwin!  We are excited to have Darwin join our breeding program as he brings new bloodlines for us to the Australian Labradoodle breed.  Darwin is a sweet, stocky first generation cockapoo out of CKC pedigreed parents and he has passed his testing with flying colours.   He’s 22 pounds of soft non shedding fleece and he carries for chocolate, parti and phantom so we expect to see colourful babies from him.  More to the point, his gentle, fun loving and social nature will be passed onto his kids.  As he is a foundation breed, his puppies are classed as Australian Labradoodles when bred to an appropriate girl, but not as “multi gen”.

Copper Canyon Aced it! (Ace)

  Ace from Copper Canyon Labradoodles

Ace is a beautiful boy!  Not only is his structure outstanding, but his temperament is too!  He is a small standard sized fellow out of our Domino and Murphy.  His fleece coat does not tend to mat and he is very striking looking with his black and white parti markings –  he turns heads wherever he goes…

Ace carries for phantom and chocolate and lives in a guardian home near us.  Ace is a full brother to Lukka and also has passed his health testing and dna panel with excellent results.  He would be graded as an Australian Labradoodle.

Copper Canyon Lukka

Lukka is our soft natured medium boy out of Domino and Murphy!  He lives with us and is a real gentleman.  He adores belly rubs and treats and couch time.  He has absolutely beautiful structure and a soft coat of wavy fleece.  He is actually a cream/white parti marked boy and carries for some interesting things like phantom and sable so we always get colourful litters from him!  He is a nice medium size at 19 inches and between 35 and 40 pounds.  He has passed all his health testing, has a clear dna panel and would be graded as an Australian Labradoodle.

Copper Canyon Harvard Law (Harvey) AKA: Harvest Moon


Meet Harvey!  Harvey is our new stud boy out of Angie and Sunset, and he is just lovely!  He is a true mini in size and is really nicely put together (and more importantly, his temperament is excellent, he is a sweet boy).  Harvey is game to play, game to hang out on the couch and we can’t say enough about him.  He is sporting a shorter summer cut here, which suits his farm life to a T.  Harvey has passed his testing with great results and so we are glad that he will bring some flashy colour to the ‘doodle’ world!

Doodle Lane’s Pull The Trigger

Trigger is our new little chocolate stud boy!    He’s a sweet and friendly boy who adores attention and loves to play.  Trigger has a beautiful wavy fleece coat and is a mild and easy going fellow (and ever so cute!).  He’s a chocolate phantom boy carrying for red, so we expect to see chocolates, phantoms and golds or reds from them.  He has passed his health testing with flying colours and we are excited to see his babies!  Trigger is a true miniature in size and we are delighted to have him in our breeding program.

Copper Canyon Hat Trick

Charlie is a lighter chocolate Australian Labradoodle boy that we have retained out of our Teddy and Bobbi Bear. Smart as a whip and awfully cute, he has passed his health testing with flying colours!

Charlie has matured to be a nice medium size and has finished out at 18 inches tall and weighs around 34 pounds. He has a silky coat of wavy milk chocolate fleece and is always smiling and ready to meet and greet new people. Charlie LOVES walks and romps on the beach. Gentle, social and ever so handsome, we are delighted with him…

Charlie lives in Victoria with a family of his own.

Copper Canyon Hat TrickBlackCollarBoyLayYell

Copper Canyon Top That!

Topper is our upcoming handsome dark chocolate Australian Labradoodle boy. He is out of our Bobbi and our Teddy and is new bloodlines for our Australian Labradoodle program. Soft natured and willing to please, he charms everyone he meets! Topper has a gorgeous coat of soft fleece that hangs in long staples when it is fully grown and has no kemp fibres in his coat at all. Topper has passed his health testing for hips/elbows, CERF and is PRA clear.

Copper Canyon Top That!TopperLayingGrass11MosOldYellow

Hiltons Copernicus Theodore

Hiltons Copernicus Theodore

Teddy is fully registered with the International Labradoodle Association for use in developing new lines of multigen Australian Labradoodles. He will bring in some new bloodlines as well as some genetics from the original parent breeds as he is a 2nd generation cockapoo with a lovely flowing coat of non-shed apricot fleece and a rose nose. He also carries for the parti gene.

He’s a friendly little guy and likes nothing more than to be with people! Teddy NEVER makes strange and thinks that all people will surely love him, and they do! He has finished out to around 15 inches in size and 22 pounds. Teddy has completed all his health testing and lives in a guardian home with a yard of his own and two boys to play with.

Copper Canyon Shades of Twilight (Dusk)

DuskLayCopper Canyon Shades of Twilight (Dusk)

Dusk is quite the little man about town! He’s all wiggles and play and is super social and friendly. He brings new red and chocolate lines to our breeding program. He is out of our Mikka, a dark chocolate American Labradoodle who has since retired from breeding. He has a super silky fleece coat that is just lovely and super easy to groom.

At just 13 inches tall, he is a small miniature in size and is finished growing, though he will likely fill out a bit more yet. Dusk carries for red, dark chocolate and black, possibly phantom as well. He has passed his testing for CERF, patellas, hips and elbows and we hope to see babies that hold their lovely dark chocolate or red colour.