Our Retired Australian Labradoodles

Copper Canyon Million Bucks

Introducing Milo!  Milo is a happy go lucky boy who thinks that the whole world is his friend!  He’s social and outgoing and loves to have fun.  Milo lives in a guardian home and they love him to bits!  He is a full sized mini boy out of Sunset and Jazzy.  He does not carry… Read more »

Canadoodles Benji

Introducing Benji!  Benji is a full sized caramel mini boy with a beautiful coat of wavy deep gold fleece and a big brown nose.  He is a sweet boy, friendly and likes to meet new people.  He is 24 pounds and has passed his health testing with good results!  Benji lives in a guardian family… Read more »

Copper Canyon D’Ore

D’ore (who also goes by the name of Moggie) is a beautiful girl!  She’s fun loving and adores her walks, playtime, neighborhood doggy friends and couch time.  Her outgoing personality and good looks charm everybody who meets her!  D’ore has a lovely coat of solid gold fleece and she is a really well put together… Read more »

Copper Canyon Koko

Introducing Koko, a daughter of Shadow and Sunset, and a grand daughter of Muggles!  Koko is a full sized milk chocolate mini girl with a super nice coat of wool.  She is confident, fun loving, loves to play, and is always game to do something, whether it’s a walk or a hike or chasing balls… Read more »

Copper Canyon Copper Penny

      Penny is a soft natured cuddler who thinks that her head belongs in a lap.  Somewhere!  Anywhere!  She is a full sized mini girl out of Bentley and a lovely moyen poodle named Poppy.  A full sized mini with a loopy fleece coat, she is a real character.  She is amazing at finding the… Read more »

Copper Canyon Molly

This little sweetie is Molly!  She is a full sister to Dusk and is a small miniature weighing around 16 pounds.  She carries for red and likely for phantom.  She is a super friendly and sweet natured girl who is game for hikes, walks, quality couch time and cuddles.  She firmly believes that everybody should… Read more »

Copper Canyon Daisy

Meet Daisy!  Daisy is a lovely gold and white parti marked Australian Labradoodle out of Domino and Murphy.  She’s a lovely medium 35 pound girl with a gorgeous wavy fleece coat.  Daisy is a gold and white parti who carries for chocolate as well as phantom.  She lives in a guardian home in Richmond.  Great… Read more »

Copper Canyon Starr’s Mabel

    What can we tell you about Mabel?!  Mabel is one of the smartest dogs you will ever meet.  She’s very outgoing, learns quickly and loves kids.  Mabel has matured to be a nice miniature size, 23 pounds.  She has a lovely coat of silky milk chocolate fleece and you can tell that she’s watching… Read more »

Copper Canyon Call The Piper

  Introducing Piper!  Piper is a super nice little girl out of Angie’s last litter with Bentley.  She is a lovely fleece coated girl with exceptional temperament.  She is social and friendly, great around children and her guardian family can’t say enough nice things about her!  She has finished out as a nice miniature size… Read more »

Copper Canyon Little Lizzie

This is Lizzie!  Lizzie lives in a guardian home in Chemainus and is quite the cute little character!  She is so good natured and playful, which is a good thing as they have young children and lots of play dates happening at their home!  She is a little girl the same size as her dad,… Read more »

Copper Canyon Mabeline

  This is Mabel!  Mabel is a daughter of our Lady, who has been retired and she is a lovely girl!  In so many ways, she reminds us of her mom, just in black rather than white!  She is a super steady and social girl who is happy to meet people.  She loves her toys,… Read more »

Walkabout Mindy’s Cassidy

is also a calendar girl! Our Cassie is a lovely chalk fleece coated Australian Labradoodle girl with a rose coloured nose. She has the most endearing nature and soft look in her eyes. She is a large medium girl, 21 inches at the shoulder and 38 pounds, and is a delight to have in the… Read more »

Copper Canyon Mistress Mia

Mia is a sweet heart of a girl that we have retained from Cassie’s Australian Labradoodle litter with our Teddy. Teddy’s bio is on our Boys page. She is a soft natured, friendly and fun girl, very easy to train and very easy to have around! She is a rose nosed chalk girl (like her… Read more »

Copper Canyon Nicole

Our beautiful Nicole, our first multigen Australian Labradoodle that we have kept back for our program! Nicky is a sweet natured girl, and when I wasplaying with this litter of labradoodles, every time I looked down beside me, there she was, curled up to keep me company. However, personality is not enough to earn a… Read more »

Alpen Ridge Concohbar

Connor is a lovely 1st generation fleece/hair coated standard labradoodle boy standing 24 inches and weighing in at a sturdy 76 pounds. He carries great red genes from his father and also carries for chocolate. He’s a gentle natured boy and is very easy going about life, loves attention, playtime and room to run. He… Read more »

Sharon’s Bobbi Bear

Bobby is a gorgeous standard F2 Labradoodle girl with a luscious coat of dark fleecy ringlets. She is a sweet girl who loves to be with people andher favorite place is to be laying ON our feet or sprawled on the kitchen floor. She also has the most endearing habit of laying her head in… Read more »

Greene’s Mistress of Mischief

Missy is a graceful and sweet natured miniature poodle that we have temporarily added to our breeding program in order to add some new and interesting colours to our breeding program. She carries for the very rare merle gene and we think it is gorgeous! Her daughter is our Angie. Missy has passed her testing… Read more »

Copper Canyon Lucy Rose

This little sweetie is a dark apricot coloured multigen Australian Labradoodle girl witha fleece coat and a gentle, playful nature. Lucy is Special’s daughter and she has grown up to be 18 inches and around 33 pounds. She is a lovely girl and has a beautiful coat of curly fleece. Playful and sweet natured, she… Read more »

Shady Maples Mikka

Introducing our Mikka, one of the sweetest natured dogs you’d ever meet! Mikka is one of the few earlier generation girls in our program and brings in new bloodlines of miniature chocolate to our breeding program. She is15 inches at the shoulder and weighs 18 pounds. She has good boning and a wider rib cage… Read more »

Copper Canyon Mary’s Legacy

Muggles is one of our upcoming girls, a sweet natured miniature Australian Labradoodle girl withblack/red phantom markings. She is a social and friendly girl who likes to play with the other dogs and to hang out in the kitchen. She is 15 inches and we expect her to finish out at 20 pounds when she… Read more »

Sunset Hills All That and More… (Morey)

Morey is a gorgeous little milk chocolate coloured miniature multigen Australian Labradoodle stud. He has the softest personality as well as the most touchable coat! He’s 16 inches of luciously soft and curly fleece that you can’t stop running your hands through… He comes direct from Down Under and we are really pleased to have… Read more »

Sunset Hills Red Sunset

Fergus is a 14.5 inch little red wool coated miniature Australian Labradoodle with a lovely build and a sweet nature! He still needs to finish filling out and I expect he will be 22 – 24 pounds when he is done. He comes directly from Australia and is a welcome addition to our breeding program…. Read more »

Tegan Park Special Effects

Tegan Park Special Effects is a Calendar Girl! Her photo will grace the pages of the Labradoodle Calendar for 2009. Special is a full sized mini multigen Australian Labradoodle, sixteen inches of cuddle and play, all wrapped in a lovely non shed coat. Special likes to give kisses and snuggle on the couch and is… Read more »

Tegan Park Sundance

Dancer is one of our medium sized Australian Labradoodles, a foreign girl straight from the land down under. She’s 20 inches of multi generational friendly fleece and weighs in at 43 pounds. The photo to the lower right is of her as a half grown puppy, while the two are of her in her winter… Read more »

Alpenridge Sunset Trails

Sunset is a milk chocolate mini boy with a lovely coat of loopy chocolate curls. At 16 inches tall, he is a true miniature size, but makes up for it with his large-sized character! He carries for some interesting colours, such a phantom and parti and we look forward to what he brings to our… Read more »

Dogwood’s Midas Touch

Meet Midas, our upcoming little gold boy! Midas is a sweet natured and mellow boy, a real cutie! He is out of our Topper and Special and we are delighted with his boning, temperament and coat. Midas carries for chocolate and black as well as gold. With his lovely coat of non-shedding fleece and nice… Read more »

Copper Canyon Moonlit Lady

Lady is one sweet girl! She’s incredibly gentle and has the softest expression in her hazel eyes… Both her parents are very mildnatured and gentle dogs and it certainly shows in Lady. We have nicknamed her “Ladybug” and she is a charmer, for sure! She is a full sized Australian labradoodle out of our Cassie… Read more »

Copper Canyon Maple Sugar

Maple is a sweet natured gold girl out of our Lady and Fergus. She is social but calm, even as a puppy, and is quite the charmer! Very steady nerved and well balanced, she would make a good therapy prospect. Maple has a soft coat of golden fleece, very easy to groom.  

AlpenRidge Rythm and Grace

  Gracie is a lovely little blonde girl that has mataured to be a small standard labradoodle, 23 inches at the shoulder. She’s an F1B out of new labradoodle bloodlines and her grandsire, a lovely red poodle, has produced therapy dogs and comes from therapy lines. Grace is confident, loving, and snuggles right in when… Read more »

Molly’s Major Murphy

Introducing Murphy! This fellow is a handsome apricot and white parti marked boy carrying for chocolate. He is a gentle soul, quite a cuddler, and follows us wherever we go. Murphy is a fun loving and outgoing boy who loves going to the dog park. He lives with his family in Ladysmith. He is a… Read more »

Copper Canyon Shiraz

Shiraz is a gentle and sweet natured little girl out of our Nicole and Teddy. She is on the cusp between a full sized mini and a very small medium for size. With her lovely, soft coat of cream fleece and her gold ears, she is simply lovely and turns heads wherever she goes! She… Read more »

Copper Canyon Buttons

Buttons is a gentle little girl out of our Muggles and an outside stud named Bo. She’s as cute as a button, which is how she got her name! She has finished out as a lovely miniature size, 16 inches at the shoulder. The photos are of her as a puppy and as an 8… Read more »

Copper Canyon Chocolate Fudge

Fudgee is a sweet little hot chocolate coloured girl out of Mikka and Hero’s litter. She has matured to be a full sized miniature, around 16.5 inches and weighing around 25 pounds or so. Both Hero and Mikka have kept their lovely DARK chocolate colour and so we will see all shades of chocolate coloured… Read more »

Copper Canyon Domino Effect

Domino is a sweet little puppy! She’s a social, friendly girl and snuggles right in when we pick her up. She is a wavy fleece coat black and white parti marked girl carrying for chocolate and cream. She has finished out to be in the medium size range. Domino is a lovely Australian Labradoodle out… Read more »

Copper Canyon Tawney

Tawney is a really sweet natured little girl out of our Nicky’s last litter with Button’s brother Bailey. Tawney is just on the cusp between mini and medium for size (17 inches) and has a lovely coat of thick, lusious fleece. She carries for cream, gold, chocolate and black and possibly parti and phantom so… Read more »

Copper Canyon Shadow

Shadow is our last daughter out of Muggles and a beautiful chocolate phantom stud out of the US. She is a very solidly built girl with lovely boning and a very nice coat. She is a happy go lucky girl, very social and very smart! She is just oversize for a mini (even though both… Read more »

Copper Canyon All That Jazz

Jazzy is a very nicely put together medium sized Australian Labradoodle girl out of Lady and Charlie. With her lovely boning and a super soft coat of milk chocolate curls, she turns heads wherever she goes! She is quite an intuitive girl, very steady nerved and very social.

Copper Canyon My Oh My!

Angie is a stunner! She is out of Missy and Charlie and is a lovely example of a blue merle coloured labradoodle. Angie carries for chocolate as well as black and cream. She is a nice mini size and is a cheerful and playful girl who loves people and loves her ball!  She is an… Read more »

Springville’s Lil Bentley

Bentley is a super friendly but calm little fellow, a handsome red fleece coated boy who is just a delight to meet! He’s a full sized miniature boy, just around 17 inches. Bentley has wonderful boning and structure in addition to his good looks! He has passed his health testing with good results and we… Read more »

Copper Canyon Star

Star is a sensitive, cheerful, smart girl who loves long walks, loves cuddling on the couch and adores fetching sticks in the water. She is a super retriever! She is quite lab like in structure as well as instinct. She is an F1 labradoodle, so will produce some new bloodlines to keep our lovely Labradoodle… Read more »