Puppy Adoption Application

If you can tell us more about yourself and your family, it will help us place the right puppy with you… While not common practice, we do reserve the right to refuse applications or to request more information if needed (this most often comes up over allergy information). All information is kept confidential and it just helps us to keep all the important information together, such as name, address for sending puppy registration papers, puppy ‘wish list’, airport information for shipping, etc.

Name and full address:

Email and Phone numbers:

Will your puppy be shipped or will you be picking up your puppy? If being shipped what is the nearest Airport?

What is your colour preference? We will only advise you when puppies come available in the colours and size you have specified. Please note that some colours will fade as the dog grows up.

What is your size preference: miniature medium

What is your coat preference? Fleece coat Wool coat No preference

Do you have a preference for a male or female or are fine with either?

Have you read our guarantee and are comfortable with it?

Our policy is to early spay/neuter the puppies. Is this acceptable to you?

What activity level would fit well with your family? We recommend that you choose an activity level that does not exceed your own! Active Moderate Mellow/laid back

Do you own or rent?

Will your Labradoodle be an inside or outside dog?

Do you have a yard and is it fully fenced? If not, how will you restrain your dog and how often will he or she have access to the outdoors?

Do you understand that your dog will NEED at least one half hour walk every morning and are you willing to do this? A treadmill can take the place of a walk if you are short on time or the weather is poor!
How many children do you have living at home? What ages?

Do you have any other pets? What kinds?

Does everyone in your home want a puppy?

Have you ever raised a puppy?

Do you understand a puppy will have to be taken out late at night to potty for at least the first 12 weeks?

Where will the puppy stay during the day and sleep at night?

Will the puppy be alone during the day and if so, what arrangements will you make?

Does a member of your family suffer from allergies and to what degree?

Are you committed to caring for this dog for its’ lifetime and provide ongoing veterinary care? An average lifespan is 15 years.

Will you be traveling often? Who will take care of your Labradoodle while you are away?

We request that if at any time you find you are unable to care for your Labradoodle that you contact us and we will do our best to help find  a suitable home for your dog. Will you agree to this policy?

Placing a deposit is required in order to reserve a puppy and be placed on our wait list. Families on our wait list have first preference for our available puppies. In order to be placed on our wait list and have a puppy reserved for you, our deposits are considered not refundable. Are you comfortable with this policy?

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