Puppy Adoption Application

If you can tell us more about yourself and your family, it will help us place the right puppy with you… While not common practice, we do reserve the right to refuse applications or to request more information if needed (this most often comes up over allergy information). All information is kept confidential and it just helps us to keep all the important information together, such as name, address for sending puppy registration papers, puppy ‘wish list’, airport information for shipping, etc.

Due to covid, there have been far more applications than ever we could meet and there is not an auto reply generated by forms sent in.  Application forms will be kept and families wanting a puppy should keep an eye on the Expected Litters Page for new litters posted that will have room on them. Those litters will be “pre posted” for a number of days prior. When the litter list opens, please send in an “email of intent” to be put on the litter list, and the name of the sire and dam should be put into the header of the email so we can easily find your email!  If there are five spaces open, I will contact the five families who are successful and then we will repeat that process again when new litters are posted.