4 Tips for Keeping Your Dog Healthy Over the Winter

Winter Care for Pets
Winter Care for Pets

Some of us love winter, while others find it unpleasant. Whatever your viewpoint may be, make sure you’re taking the proper precautions to stay warm in the frigid outdoor temperatures. This includes your furry friends too! Just like humans, dogs are just as, if not more, sensitive to the winter temperatures.

Here are a few tips to keep your pet healthy throughout the winter:

Prevent Canine Winter Illnesses

Your dog can fall ill during the colder months. The winter temperatures and weather conditions can increase the likelihood of your dog getting sick. Respiratory infections, frostbite, and the consumption of toxic substances are some of the health concerns your dog may face.

Make sure you’re cautious about how much time your dog spends outside. In the winter, keep walks short and bundle your pup up in protective gear like booties and a coat.

Always Keep Your Dog Dry and Warm

Respiratory infections, such as kennel cough, are some of the most common illnesses your dogs can catch in the winter. To help prevent your dog from catching a respiratory infection, make sure you’re keeping them dry and warm after they return inside from being outside.

Check for Frostbite

If you have a dog with short hair, make sure you are actively checking the tips of their ears and tails for signs of frostbite. Typically, if any of these areas feel cold, appear white, red, or gray, and are dry/hard, it could be a good indication that they have frostbite.

If you suspect that frostbite may have occurred, make sure you wrap your dog in blankets to keep warm. Then, see the vet immediately!

Keep Toxic Winter Items Away from Dogs

Surprisingly, ant-freeze can taste sweet to dogs. So, if your dog has access to it, they will lick it. Anti-freeze is extremely toxic to dogs, and it only takes a small amount to be fatal for your dog. Store all harsh winter chemicals, like anti-freeze, in a spot where your dog won’t be able to access them.

Keeping Your New Puppy Safe This Winter

At Copper Canyon Australian Labradoodles, we want to make sure your dog stays safe and protected as much as possible during the winter. Please keep these tips in mind if you plan on adding a furry friend to your family this winter.

If you’re looking to add an Australian Labradoodle puppy to your family, contact Copper Canyon Australian Labradoodles today!