Are You Ready to Welcome a New Puppy Into Your Family?

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There is no doubt that bringing home a new puppy is an exciting and memorable moment in your life. During the COVID-19 pandemic, more families have been welcoming a new puppy into their home as they continue to spend more time at home. Although the pandemic has caused us to spend our extra time at home, that doesn’t always mean that we’re ready for the responsibility that comes with caring for a new puppy.

To ensure that now is the right time to welcome home a new puppy, make sure you’re answering these questions:

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Will Someone Be Home to Watch Your Puppy?

When you bring home your new puppy, you’re locked into giving it your full, undivided attention for at least six weeks. In the first six weeks of bringing your puppy home, they will be on a tight schedule that can’t be disrupted during this time.

Potty training walks, resting time, playtime should all be scheduled into their day. The first few weeks of your puppy’s life are crucial, and someone will need to be home to care for your puppy.

Do You Have Access to Personal Training Classes?

Training for your new puppy should start immediately. If this is your first puppy or first puppy in a while, you may not have the knowledge and resources to train your puppy appropriately. Puppies need 90-95% positive reinforcement and 5-10% correction. If you don’t feel confident enough to train your dog on your own, that’s alright! Training is hard, and there are many components of it. Luckily, there are plenty of amazing resources and personal training classes available for new dog owners.

Remember, scheduling training classes is another time and money commitment. So before booking a class, or bringing home a new pup, make sure you can commit to the responsibility.

Will Your Dog Be Able to Socialize During These Times?

Socialization with people and other dogs is extremely important for your puppy. Because the virus has caused us to remain socially distant from others, you need to consider if your dog will be able to socialize with others. If the answer is no, you should reconsider welcoming a new puppy home at this time.

Are You Ready to Add a New Puppy to Your Home?

If you think you’re ready to add a new puppy to your family, contact Copper Canyon Australian Labradoodles.

Don’t forget to keep up with our expected litters for 2021. As of right now, all of our spring litters are full, but I plan on opening a few litters for the summer within the next few months!