Benefits of Owning a Dog

Australian Labradoodles

In addition to providing owners with unconditional love and companionship, there are many benefits of owning a dog. From health benefits to security and even entertainment benefits, the benefits of having a dog outweigh any negatives (if there even are any!).


When it comes to the health benefits of owning a dog, there are many including physical and mental health benefits.


Physically, having a dog can help improve your fitness levels with regular dog walking. Dogs also help lower blood pressure, which in turn decreases the chances of cardiovascular disease. Additionally, dog owners with infants actually decrease the chances of pet allergies in their children and infants with dogs in the home are less likely to develop eczema. From a mental health standpoint, dog owners are less likely to suffer from depression and children with dogs have better self-esteem.


Aside from providing their owners with various health benefits, having a dog is also great for home security. Dogs also help teach responsibility to children and can even help a couple prepare for children!


While these are just a few benefits of owning a dog, check out this infographic  for more benefits of owning a dog, especially an Australian Labradoodle!


What do you think is the greatest benefit of owning a dog?