How to Prepare Your Dog for a Trip to the Groomers

Dog at the Groomers How should you prepare your dog for the groomers? Well, for most dog owners, the reason they’re sending their pet to the groomers is to have their dog’s nails trimmed. With that in mind, it makes sense to get your dog used to people touching his or her paws. The more comfortable your dog is with his or her paws being touched at home, the more comfortable they’ll be at the groomers.

Start Them Young

If possible, take your dog to the groomers when they’re very young– this will help them get used to the idea of going to the groomers at an early age, when they’re most adaptable and open to new experiences. What’s more, consider taking your dog to the groomers for an “introductory visit,” where it involves a car ride and the chance to go into the building and just meet the groomer in person… without getting grooming services the first time. This helps acclimate the dog to the new person and place without the added stress of being handled… yet.

Routine Brushing

Another reason dog owners take their pets to the groomers is so the groomer can give them a haircut. When your dog is a young puppy, you should try to brush them for a couple of minutes each day so they get used to it. As adults, most dogs will need a thorough brushing once or weeks, with touch ups on their ears, tails or muzzles as needed. Savvy dog owners ask their groomer to show them how to brush their dog properly because believe it or not, there is a right and wrong way to brush!


When you drop your dog off at the groomer, it’s best if you remain calm. If you’re anxious, your dog will pick up on that and also be anxious. Furthermore, don’t “get back there early” before your dog is finished because that will just get your dog excited, making it harder for the groomer to finish his or her job.


When bringing your dog to a groomer, you need to be as specific as possible. Tell him or her exactly what you want done. If possible, show the groomer pictures of “the look” you want for your dog. Groomers, who have gone through training, tend to know a lot about what types of cuts look best on certain dogs, so if they give you advice, take it.

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