Canadoodles Dorrie and Springville’s Lil Red Bentley – 2020

Full Size Miniature/Sm Medium Australian Labradoodle Litter – born Aug 7 and going home Oct 2nd 2020

reds, apricots, golds and parti markings or tuxedo markings.  Likely to be 22 – 27 pounds when fully grown

Congrats to Dorrie and Bentley!  She has nine adorable little babies in various shades of gold thro apricot and red.  We have four girls and five boys.  Introducing Dorrie!  Dorrie is a sweet natured girl who has a zest for life and has an all around great personality.  She lives in a guardian home and competes in 4 H with their daughter, which is great fun for both of them.  She’s a lovely full sized mini with a beautiful fleece coat and we are excited that she has passed her health testing with good results.

This is a repeat pairing and her litter with Bentley was just lovely.  His easy going charm and great personality is a good match for her sweet manner.  Bentley also has a gorgeous fleece coat and he carries for parti markings as well.  He’s quite the well loved fellow around town and his guardian family love him to bits (he’s the resident fishing buddy).  I would expect their puppies to finish out as full sized minis or small mediums and we would see various shades of gold thro apricot and possibly parti markings.  This litter would be graded as multigen Australian Labradoodles.  Dorrie had six puppies last time, so we will see what she has this time…

And here are the babies!

Red Floral Collar Apricot Girl – going to the Brown family

This cute little girl is a bit smaller than some of her sibs, so we think she’ll finish out more like Dorrie in size (around 20 pounds maybe).  She’s gentle, playful, more towards mellow for energy levels and she is a real charmer!  She will do great with kids or grand kids and will be a great family pet.


Pink Collar Gold Tuxedo Boy – the Thethi family

What a handsome puppy!  He has a cute white tuxedo on his chest and he has a lovely coat of wavy fleece.  He is social and likes people, he’s gentle and is definitely a follower.  He’s not brave but not timid either and he will do really well with a family that likes to go for walks and then flake out on the couch.


Pink Camo Collar Apricot Girl – going to the Symonds family

This sweetie has the whole package!  She’s sweet and mellow and playful and I like her a lot!  She has a straighter wavy fleece coat and will do well with kids or no kids in the family.  Really nice puppy.


Black Stripe Red Tuxedo Boy – going to the Karamani family

What a cute boy!  He is super handsome and also super personality.  He’s confident and relaxed and playful, just a really nice puppy.  He has a curlier coat and is either a curly fleece or a wool coat.  He’s more towards mellow for activity levels and he’ll do great with a family.


Leopard Collar Apricot Tuxedo Boy – going to the Grenier family

What a cute boy!  He has the most white markings of all his sibs and he is just as cute as can be!  He’s confident without being alpha natured, and he cuddles in really nicely.  He’s pretty chill when we hold him but he’s playful when he’s outside.  He’ll make a lovely family pet.


Black Lots of Stripes Collar Red Boy – adopted

This handsome boy is just a lovely puppy.  He’s mellow and soft natured but not the least bit timid and he’ll make a beautiful family pet.  He’s playful and gentle and I like him a lot.  He’ll be an easy dog to live with!  He has a straighter fleece coat that looks really nice and you can tell he’s a smart pup by the look in his eyes.


Black Faded Stripe Collar Gold Girl – going to the McComas family

This sweet girl is a gentle little sweetheart!  She’s soft natured and easy going and a bit smaller than some of her siblings.  Another mellow baby from Dorrie and Bentley!!  She’ll do really well with kids as long as they aren’t crazy.


Black Collar Caramel Boy – spoken for

What a lovable boy!  He’s another one who is sweet natured, on the mellow side and not timid at all.  Just a really really nice puppy who will do well with kids or grand kids if there are any.  He gives kisses but not face washes and cuddles in nicely.


Tan Collar Red Girl – copper canyon labradoodles

This lovely girl is a fun little puppy!  She likes to play but she’s gentle about it and she is a pretty easy going, confident puppy.  She’s somewhere between mellow and moderate and I think she’ll make a great family pet.  It’s almost hard to write descriptions of this litter as so many of them are similar in that they have good confidence, easy going natures and fleece coats!  So it means that families have some great choices.

Reservations pre-booked for this litter:

  1. Copper Canyon
  2. gill
  3. The Thethi family
  4. The N.K. Brown family
  5. The McComas family
  6. The Symonds family, Surrey BC
  7. The Grenier family
  8. The Karamani family
  9. Copper Canyon