Copper Canyon Amber and Big Valley Darwin’s Prize

Full Sized Mini – Mid Sized Medium Australian Labradoodle Litter, born Nov 20 2020

apricots, golds and possibly parti markings, 25 – 35 pounds

Congratulations to Amber and Darwin!  Amber has a sweet litter of ten little apricot or apricot parti puppies this time.  Introducing Amber! Amber is one of the easiest going of dogs and she is just as happy going on a long walk or beach romp as she is taking over part of the couch for movie watching!  She is a lovely apricot medium sized girl out of Bentley and Bella.  She carries the genetics to have both mini and medium sized puppies and so we have decided to let Darwin be the dad for this litter.  His smaller size will complement her well and we should see half a litter of minis and half a litter of mediums.

Amber tends to have litters by the (almost) dozen…  Darwin brings brand new bloodlines to our Australian Labradoodle breeding program!  He is a fully health tested cockapoo and we are delighted not only with his gentle and sweet nature but also with his lovely coat, great structure and genetics.  He has the whole package for developing new Australian Labradoodle bloodlines for our emerging breed.  Darwin is a solid 22 pounds and carries for chocolate, phantom and parti so we expect colourful babies from him!  As he and Amber are both apricot/red, we should see an entire litter of blondes (no brunettes or dark colours this time).  Expected size to be 25 – 35 pounds.  This litter would be graded as Australian Labradoodles.  This litter list is full.

And here are the babies!

Light Blue Apricot Parti Boy – going to the Hoyle family

This sweet boy is a lovely boy!  He’s sweet and mellow and playful, and he’ll make a lovely family pet.  He’s almost 7 pounds and will finish out as a good sized medium.  He has a beautiful coat of wavy fleece and I like him a lot!  He’ll do well with kids or grand kids.


Dark Blue Collar Apricot Boy – going to the Shaper family

This little guy is a really nice puppy!  He’s more on the mellow side but is quite playful too.  He has super steady nerves and would do well in therapy work we think.  He’s almost 7 pounds and will most likely finish as a nice sized medium boy.  He has a lightly shedding coat, which can randomly happen, and so I’m going to discount his price by $200.  He has a great temperament and he’ll make a wonderful family pet.


Black Collar Red Parti Boy – going to the Fattedad family

What a lovely boy!  He’s mild and mellow and has great therapy potential.  He’s a bigger boy too, at 7.25 pounds so will also finish out as a medium we expect.  He’s gentle and sweet and would be great with kids or grand kids.


Yellow Collar Red Parti Girl – going to the McClure family

This girl is a really sweet, fun puppy!  She’s more towards moderate for energy levels and she likes to play but also will snuggle in when we pick her up.  She’ll be a great companion for long walks, or romps at the beach.  She’s 5.75 pounds and will finish out in the small medium size range.  She’ll do well with older kids and will be a great family pet.


Red Collar Parti Girl – going to the Harris family

This mellow darling is a sweet, sweet girl!  Mild and easy going, she just goes with the flow…  She’s a solid 7 pounds and so should finish out nicely in the medium size range.  She has a beautiful coat and her markings are really nice too.  She’ll do well with kids or grand kids, and will be a really lovely companion.


Purple Collar Apricot Tuxedo Girl – going to the Wang family

This sweet girl is a gentle, mellow puppy who is super nice to cuddle!  She’s just over 6 pounds and so will most likely finish as a smaller to mid sized medium.  She has beautiful markings, with her white paws, blaze down her face and large white splash on her chest.  She’s used to being picked up (well, they all are) and she will do really well with kids.


Pink Collar Parti Girl – going to the Pearce family

What a fun puppy!  She’s somewhere between mellow and moderate, and she likes to get all the other puppies playing!  She’s 6 pounds right now and so should finish as a small medium.  She’s got a lovely coat and lovely markings, and she will make a super pet for a family wanting a dog to go on walks or hikes and then hang out at home.  I think she’d do great with older kids or grand kids.  She’s a very nice puppy.


Orange Collar Apricot Girl – going to the Kon family

What a fun puppy!  She’s sweet and funny and will be a lot of fun!  She’ll train quickly and she’s smart enough to figure things out on her own.  She’s somewhere between mellow and moderate, and has quite a sweet nature.  She’s just 5 pounds and so is likely to finish out just oversize of miniature.  She’ll do well with kids or grand kids and will want a family that likes to go and do things.


Green Collar Apricot Girl – going to the Buchart Malkin family

This cutie has a great temperament!  She’s calm and gentle and sweet and she would be a lovely therapy prospect as she is social but calm and has solid nerves.  She’s almost 6 pounds and so is likely to finish out as a smaller medium in size.  She has a lightly shedding coat and so I will discount her final price by $200.  Usually, a good brushing once a week looks after the stray hairs and these coats tend to be super low maintenance, which is a bonus.  She’ll do great with kids and I like her a lot.


Teal Collar Tuxedo Girl – CCL

This sweetie has the whole package and she will be going into a guardian home and hopefully joining our breeding program.


Reservation fees pre-booked for this litter:

  1. CCL
  2. CCL
  3. The Kon family
  4. The Wang family
  5. The Harris family
  6. The Pearce family
  7. The Butchart family
  8. The Hoyle family
  9. The Fattedad family
  10. The Schaper family
  11. The McClure family