Copper Canyon Ceilidh (Kayley) and Pine Lodge’s Mini Red Cooper (Cooper) – 2020

Mini Australian Labradoodle Litter – born Aug 7 2020, going home Oct 2 2020

Golds, apricots, expected size to be18 – 25 pounds.

Congratulations to Ceilidh and Cooper!  They have four sweek little apricot puppies and mom and babies are doing fine.  Introducing Ceilidh!  She is a sweet and snuggly little red girl who is just charming!  She lives in a guardian home in White Rock and they love her to bits.  She has regular visits from grand kids and she loves to play with the other dogs in their extended family.  She is a daughter of Piper and Fergus and we are delighted with her.

Cooper is going to do the honours this time and his easy going nature and good looks will be a good pairing, I think.  Thank you Karen for letting him be the dad!  We wanted a gold or apricot boy for her and so these two together will have an entire litter of golds or apricots.  This litter would be graded as multigen Australian Labradoodles.

And here are the babies!

Small Red Girl – going to the Hung family

This cute little girl does not know she’s small!  She’s funny, she’s social, she’s confident and is quite a snuggler but you just know that she’s going to have a ton of personality.  She’ll suit a family with older kids or a family that likes to get out for walks and beach romps.


Blue Collar Apricot Boy – going to the Christensen family

This sweet fellow is more on the mellow side of things.  He’s happy to park in our lap and he likes a few minutes to think about things before making his mind up.  He’ll do well with a family wanting a mellow dog that is happy to go for a walk with them.


Purple Collar Gold Boy – going to the Kydd family

This gentle fellow is a super sweet boy!  He’s on the mellow side for activity levels and I like him a lot!  He’s not timid but he’s a chill boy who will make a great companion.  He’s playful with his siblings and he’s got a really cute face.  A really nice boy.


Red Collar Gold Boy – going to the Andrews family

This handsome boy looks very much like his purple collar brother!  Two peas in a pod!  He’s sweet and cuddly and social and just a touch more active than his brothers.  He has a fun personality and he will make a great pet for a family with kids or grand kids.


Reservations pre-booked for this litter:

  1. The Andrews family
  2. The Christensen family, Duncan BC
  3. The Kydd family
  4. The Hung family