cream australian labradoodle dog

black and white australian labradoodle boy

Copper Canyon Daisy and CD Sissy’s Not A Con Vaughan

Medium Australian Labradoodle Litter – expected late July 2021 and going home Sept 2021

blacks, chocolates, golds/creams and parti markings or tuxedo markings.  Likely to be 30 – 40 pounds when fully grown

We are super excited to have puppies with Daisy!  She has such a friendly, outgoing nature and she has amazing conformation as well. This will be her last litter for us and she is bred already.  We will confirm pregnancy when she’s a month along and will post that on the website.  Daisy is a smaller medium sized girl carrying for chocolate and parti.  She is around 33 pounds and has a lovely straighter fleece coat.  Vaughan is a charming black tuxedo boy with impeccable manners and an easy going manner about him.  He is 35 pounds and carries for chocolate and gold, so we should see a colourful litter this time!  Chocolates, blacks and golds or creams and tuxedo or parti markings in any of those colours.

Daisy usually has six puppies but we’ll only put 5 spots initially, and then if she has more than that, we’ll make that available to families.

Thank you to all the families who emailed about Daisy’s litter list.  I am hoping soon that we can go back to the “old normal” way of doing things.  There were over 10 emails that landed in the first minute yesterday, and that is down from Jan when we had over 20 emails in the first minute when a litter list would open…  I will open Kismet’s litter next and there will be room for a few more families.  Please email on June 10th if you are interested.

Reservations for this litter:

  1. Copper Canyon
  2. Copper Canyon
  3. Ritchie family
  4. Savage family
  5. Crozier family