cream australian labradoodle dog

black and white australian labradoodle boy

Copper Canyon Daisy and CD Sissy’s Not A Con Vaughan

Medium Australian Labradoodle Litter – born July 2021 and going home Sept 10th 2021

blacks, chocolates, golds/creams and parti markings or tuxedo markings.  Likely to be 30 – 40 pounds when fully grown.  confirmed pregnant with ultrasound!

Daisy has such lovely puppies and we are delighted that she has such a nice litter this time.  Three boys and five girls, in a rainbow of colours.  We are super excited to have puppies with Daisy!  She has such a friendly, outgoing nature and she has amazing conformation as well. This will be her last litter for us and she is bred already.  We will confirm pregnancy when she’s a month along and will post that on the website.  Daisy is a smaller medium sized girl carrying for chocolate and parti.  She is around 33 pounds and has a lovely straighter fleece coat.  Vaughan is a charming black tuxedo boy with impeccable manners and an easy going manner about him.  He is 27 pounds and carries for chocolate and gold, so we should see a colourful litter this time!  Chocolates, blacks and golds or creams and tuxedo or parti markings in any of those colours.  These puppies would be graded as multigen Australian Labradoodles.

And here are the babies!

Black Girl – going to the Crozier family

This cute puppy is a gentle and sweet puppy!  She likes to cuddle and she likes to play.  She’s more on the mellow side and is a follower rather than a leader, so she’ll look to people for what to do.  She has a lovely coat with just a bit of wave to it and I think she’d do well with younger children or a calm adult home.  I like her cute white snip on her chest too.  She’ll make a lovely walking companion and will be equally happy to share your couch!


black tuxedo australian labradoodle puppy eight weeks old

Black Tuxedo Boy – going to the Ritchie family

What a cute puppy!  He’s mellow and chill and ever so cute!  He’ll be happy to go on walks but he is more of a mellow fellow and we like him a lot!  He’d suit a family with kids or grand kids.


cream australian labradoodle puppy eight weeks old

Red Collar Cream Boy – going to the Johnston family

This boy is a cute one!  He has white feet and a white snip up his nose, tho it doesn’t show as much.  This litter is super social and people oriented.  He has a beautiful coat of wavy straight fleece like his siblings and he’s a gentle, easy going puppy, and he’s plenty smart!  Mellow rather than moderate, tho he’ll love to play and go for walks or romps at the beach.  He’d suit a family with kids or grand kids.


cream labradoodle puppy

Caramel Boy – going to the Spicer family

This cutie is a nice little puppy!  We love his caramel nose and his gentle nature.  He’s a nicely put together boy with a lovely coat and a great personality.  He’s gentle and would do well with kids, or in an adult home.  I’m going to price him at $1000 as he will most likely need his lower canine teeth shortened – he has two base narrow canine teeth and if the adult teeth come in the same as his baby teeth, he will need to have them fixed, so I am pricing him to reflect the cost of dental repair that will most likely be needed when he’s around 8 months old.  His temperament is lovely and he’ll make a great family pet.


cream australian labradoodle puppy

Cream Girl – going to the Savage family

What a fun little puppy!  This entire litter is really socially oriented towards people and they all are quite gentle and more on the mellow side.  So she is like that too!  She’s a follower not a leader, and she wants to please so she will learn quickly.  She’ll be happy to go for walks and happy to share your couch and watch movies (well, you watch the movie while she snoozes).  I think she’d do fine with kids or grand kids.  She’s sweet.


chocolate australian labradoodle puppy

Chocolate girl – copper canyon


chocolate australian labradoodle puppy

Chocolate Boy – copper canyon


Reservations for this litter:

  1. Copper Canyon
  2. Copper Canyon
  3. The Ritchie family
  4. The Savage family
  5. The Crozier family
  6. The Johnston family