Copper Canyon D’ore and Copper Canyon Ace it! 2019

Medium and possibly small standard Australian Labradoodle Litter – planned for summer 2019

Chocolates, golds, blacks and parti marked puppies, expected size to be between 35 and 47 pounds.

Introducing our lovely D’ore (pronounced Dorray), as she is such a beautiful deep gold colour!  D’ore loves to go on adventures at the park and loves to go for walks and car rides.  She is a fun, confident girl who has a great zest for life (and couch time).  She is a Maple daughter and we are delighted that she has passed her health testing with great results.  Smart, easy to train, social and sweet, we can’t say enough about this lovely girl.  We have a number of families asking for full sized medium dogs or bigger, and so this litter would be a great fit for them.

Her litter last year was with Ace and it was so nice, I’m thinking to repeat it!  Ace is a complete gentleman, very sweet natured, gentle and easy going.  He is a superb cuddler (just in a large size) and his mild nature impresses people wherever he goes.  He’s a small standard in size and carries for gold.  He’s a son of Domino and looks a lot like her.  This litter would be graded as multigen Australian Labradoodles.  D’ore’s first litter was six puppies and so we would think she would have between 6 and 8 this time.  Expected size to range between both parents (33 pounds and 50 pounds).


Deposits pre-booked for this litter:

  1. maybe Copper Canyon
  2. The Botha family
  3. The Anderson family
  4. The Sidhu family, Delta BC
  5. The Baerg family

And if there’s more:

   6. The Scudds family

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