Copper Canyon Kismet and Copper Canyon Million Bucks (Milo)

Mini/Small Medium Australian Labradoodle Litter – going home May 27th 2020

black/white and possibly chocolate/white, expected size between 25 and 35 pounds

Congratulations to Kismet and Milo!  We have seven cute little puppies: 4 girls and 3 boys.  Kismet is a super sweet and gentle girl out of Domino and Bentley.  She is a beautiful black and white parti marked girl with a silky fleece coat and a lovely, soft nature.  She’s mild natured, very willing to please and has an easy going energy to her.  Her mom is a mid sized medium and her dad is just on the cusp between mini and medium. Kismet lives on the mainland with a really lovely family who adore her!

We are thinking that Milo would make a handsome partner for her, and his size will complement her quite well, as his mom is around 35 pounds and his dad is 25 pounds (Jazzy and Sunset).  Milo is a happy go lucky boy who has a zest for life and a little bit of a spark in his eye!  He does not carry for gold, so we will see all parti marked puppies in this pairing, black/white for sure and I suspect chocolate/white as well (Kismet has a good chance of carrying chocolate).

I would expect this litter to mature to be full sized minis and smaller mediums, so a perfect size for families.  This litter would be graded as multigen Australian Labradoodles.

And here are the babies!

Light Blue Collar Black Parti Girl – going to the Aiello family

This cute girl is one of the bigger puppies in the litter and she is a fun loving puppy who is more towards moderately active.  She settles when we pick her up and she loves to give kisses.  She loves to play and she will suit a family wanting a good walking buddy and who loves to go on hikes and beach romps. Confident and people oriented, she will make a fun companion for a family wanting a dog to go do things with.


Red Collar Black Parti Boy – going to the Deacon family

This handsome fellow is a really lovely boy!  He’s soft natured but not the least bit timid.  He has really cute markings (well, they all do) and he will make a super pet.  He’s more towards mellow but will do great going for walks.  He’d be a great dog for a family with kids or grand kids.


Floral Collar Black Parti Girl – going to L Meyer

This lovely girl is a real sweet heart!  She’s trusting and mellow and social and cuddles in when we pick her up.  She’s a bit smaller than her biggest siblings and will likely finish out in the smaller medium size range.  She will make a lovely pet.


Pink Collar Chocolate Parti Girl – going to the Gulam family

This adorable little girl is a fun puppy!  She is curious and likes to check out the world, she follows at our feet and is somewhere between mellow and moderate for energy levels.  She gives kisses, likes to cuddle in and is happy to settle in our arms.  I think she’ll be a fun pet for a family wanting a dog that will be mellow in the house and still like to get out for a good long walk or hike.  She’s sweet!


Blue Collar Chocolate Parti Boy – going to A Meyer

This boy is a looker!  He’s moderately active and he likes people but he also likes to check out the world and investigate all the new smells.  He’s not alpha but not a wall flower either!  He’s smart and quick and playful.  He’ll suit a family wanting a more active dog to go on walks and beach romps.


Orange/fuschia Collar Chocolate Parti Boy – going to the Sky family

What a sweet boy!  He gives kisses, cuddles in gently and is a pretty social guy.  He’s an easy going follower and not the least bit timid.  He’s a bit bigger than some of his siblings and is just a really nice puppy.  He’d make a great pet for a family with kids or grand kids.  Patient.


Purple Collar Chocolate Parti Girl – going to the Gravett family

This cutie is a sweet, friendly little girl who gives kisses and cuddles in really nicely when she’s picked up.  She’s somewhere between mellow and moderate and she settles down quickly when picked up.  She’s soft natured but not timid and will make a good companion for walks and whatever.  She’d be a great family dog for somebody with kids.


5 weeks old:

4 weeks old:

2 weeks old:


Deposits pre-booked for this litter:

  1.   maybe Copper Canyon
  2. The Gravett family, Victoria BC
  3. The Gulam family
  4. The Sky family
  5. The Meyer/Meyer family
  6. The Aiello family
  7. The Deacon family