cream australian labradoodle boy

Copper Canyon Kismet and Puppy Patch’s Elliott, born August 6 2021

Full Size Miniature/Sm Medium Australian Labradoodle Litter – born Aug 6 2021 and going home Oct 5 or 6 2021

golds, blacks and maybe chocolates, 16 – 22 pounds when fully grown.  Confirmed pregnant with ultrasound!

Kismet has seven cute little puppies!  She has two black puppies, a chocolate parti and five black and white parti marked puppies.  Both mom and babies are doing well!  Kismet is a gentle natured and sweet girl out of our Domino and Bentley. She is a beautiful black and white parti marked girl with a silky fleece coat and a lovely, soft nature.  She’s mild natured, very willing to please and has an easy going energy to her.  Her mom is a mid sized medium and her dad is just on the cusp between mini and medium. Kismet lives on the mainland with a really lovely family who adore her!

We are thinking that Elliott would make a good sire for this litter.  Here is what Elliot’s “mom” has to say about him:  “Elliott has come to us from Puppy Patch Australian Labradoodles in Kelowna BC.  He is a darling mini boy who brings a wickedly awesome temperament in a 17 inch tall, 16 lb package.  Elliott is uber happy, super social, easy to train gem of a dog!”  Thank you Kim from Moonstruck Bernedoodles for letting us borrow him!

I would expect this litter to mature to be full sized minis and smaller mediums, so a perfect size for families.  This litter would be graded as multigen Australian Labradoodles.

And here are the babies!

Surprisingly, we have three puppies in this litter with atypical coats…  One of the tricolour puppies has a smooth face but I cannot pull hair from his coat, and two other tricolour puppies have fluffy coats that look correct, but I can pull a few hairs from them.  Notes will be in the little bio for each puppy.


tricolour Australian Labradoodle puppy

Pink Collar Tricolour Girl – pending to the Wilson family

This girl is quite a lovely one!  She is trusting, and we can flop her on her back and her legs just hang…  She’s got a nice amount of confidence without being bratty and she’s very nicely put together.  Her coat looks fluffy (and it is) and I’d have kept her myself, but I can pull a few hairs from her coat and so she most likely will be a light shedder and I will discount her price.  She’s somewhere between mellow and moderate, and she has plenty of brains in there!  She’ll train really easily and if anybody wanted to do agility with her, I think she’d have fun with that.  She’ll do fine with kids or grand kids and she’ll be a fun and engaging pet.


Tricolour Australian Labradoodle puppy

Blue Collar Tricolour Boy – going to the Garg family

This handsome fellow is as nice as they come!  He’s easy going and gentle and more on the mellow side too.  He plays nicely with his sibs and I like him a lot.  I can pull a few hairs from his coat and so I will discount his price as he may be a light shedder.  He has good therapy potential for anybody interested in doing that.


black labradoodle puppy

Orange Collar Black Girl – going to the Hostafi family

This sweet puppy is a gentle and playful girl and I like her a lot!  She’s more on the mellow side of things and she likes to be picked up.  She has a beautiful coat of non shedding black fleece and you can tell that she’s smart and will train easily.  She’ll do fine with kids or grand kids and will be a lovely family pet.


black and white parti Australian Labradoodle puppy

Purple Collar Parti Boy – going to the Hart family

This handsome fellow is just a sweet heart!  He’s mellow and social and plays nicely.  He’s a gentle soul and he’ll make a wonderful family pet.


Tricolour Australian Labradoodle puppy

Red Collar Tricolour Boy – going to the Peck family

What a fun puppy!  He’s funny and playful and plenty smart.  This boy is more towards moderate for energy levels and he’ll enjoy a family where he has snuggle time but also gets to go for romps on the beach or go for short runs if you are a runner.  I cannot pull hair from his coat, but he has a smooth face so he might not look like the typical “doodle”, and his coat will most likely be a very easy care coat.  He’ll do well with older kids or grand kids.  He has a great personality and  I like him.


black australian labradoodle puppy

Green Collar Black Girl – going to the Day family

Our other black girl is so very similar to her sister that they are almost two peas in a pod!  She has a lovely coat of nonshedding black fleece and she is a sweet and gentle puppy who learns quickly and will be easy to train.  You can tell by her expression that she is bright and takes it all in…  She’ll do well with kids or grand kids and has a nice steady personality.  Somewhere between mellow and moderate, she’ll be a fun dog.


chocolate parti Australian Labradoodle puppy

Chocolate Parti Girl – looking for a guardian home, CCL

This little sweetie is a gentle and mellow girl and she will be looking for adoption into a guardian home so she can join our breeding program when she grows up and passes her health testing.


two black labradoodle puppies black and white parti Australian labradoodle puppy newborn litter of australian labradoodle puppies

Reservations pre reserved for this litter:

  1. Copper Canyon Labradoodles
  2. Copper Canyon Labradoodles
  3. The Hart family
  4. The Hostafi family
  5. The Peck family
  6. Judi
  7. The Day family



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