Copper Canyon Koko and Doodlelane’s Pull the Trigger

Mini Australian Labradoodle Litter, born Feb 18 2019 and going home April 16 2019

Milk chocolates, parchments, phantoms and golds expected, size likely to be around 25 pounds.


Congratulations to Koko and Trigger!  Six beautiful little chocolate puppies are all doing great.  We have three girls and three boys in the litter.  Koko is a happy go lucky and playful girl who teaches ALL the dogs how to play!  She’s a moderately active and fun loving girl who also likes belly rubs and couch time.  She is a daughter of Shadow and Sunset.  She is a milk chocolate colour and carries for gold and phantom.  At 23 pounds, she is a full sized mini girl.  We thought to let Trigger be the dad of this litter.  His gentle, soft personality and lovely structure will be a good pairing for her.  Trigger is a sweet natured boy who is super trainable and he likes to make people happy.  He has a beautiful coat of soft, non matting wavy fleece and he is very similar in size to Koko.  This litter will be graded as multigen Australian Labradoodles and expected size is to be between 20 and 25 pounds when fully grown.  Koko’s litter last January was eight puppies, so we would expect a similar size from her again.

And here are the babies!


Dark Pink Collar Chocolate Phantom Girl – going to the Drazenovic family

What a cute puppy!  She has really nice phantom markings and you can just tell that she’s a smart little cookie!  She’s funny, she’s sweet, she’s playful. More towards moderate for energy levels, she will enjoy going for walks, romps on the beach and would do well with kids I think.  She does also cuddle in nicely when we pick her up.

Black Collar Chocolate Boy – going to the Zutter family

This handsome boy is one of the bigger puppies in the litter.  He’s a sweet and more mellow fellow and he’ll make an outstanding family pet.  He has a lovely coat of wavy fleece and he plays nicely with the other puppies.  A really nice boy.

Pink Collar Chocolate Phantom Girl – the Randhawa family

This gentle little sweetie is a really nice puppy!  She’s a mild natured and sweet girl who is social and likes people and likes to play.  She has a curly coat more like mom and has phantom markings on her feet, really quite cute. More on the mellow side of things, she will suit a family with kids or grand kids and she will make a lovely companion.

Yellow Collar Tuxedo Girl – going to the Chan family

This adorable little girl doesn’t know that she’s little!  She’s a playful and outgoing personality and she is a fun puppy.  More towards moderate for energy, she still likes belly rubs and attention.  She has a cute little tuxedo on her chest and four white paws.  She will be a fun family pet.

Grey Collar Sable Boy – going to the Nicholson Bishop family

This cute puppy is a beautiful chocolate sable with a wavy fleece coat.  He’s a gentle and sweet boy and he’ll make a lovely pet.  He has that nice balance of mild natured but still social and playful.

Green Collar Chocolate Boy – going to the Koleshar family

This handsome fellow is a fun loving and playful boy!  He’s more towards moderate for energy levels and likes to play and likes people.  He has a curly coat and he is one of the bigger puppies in the litter.  He’ll make a really fun pet.

3 weeks old

Ten days old

One day old

Deposits pre-booked for this litter:

  1. The Koleshar family
  2.  Sylvia and Charlie, Sidney BC
  3.  The Chan family
  4.  The Randhawa family, Vancouver BC
  5.  The Zutter Kinash family, Edmonton AB
  6.  The Drazenovic family



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