Copper Canyon Lunar Eclipse (Luna) and Puppy Patch’s Elliott – 2021

Miniature Australian Labradoodle Litter – due Sept 2021

golds, blacks and chocolates, 18 – 22 pounds when fully grown

Introducing Luna!  Luna is a soft natured, gentle girl with a beautiful coat of chocolate phantom fleece that is absolutely plush coat of soft fleece.  She’s a really nicely put together girl. Luna adores her ball and playing fetch, going for walks, couch time and looking for squirrels!  At 18 – 20 pounds, she is a smaller sized mini girl. She is out of our Lukka and carries for parti and gold.  We are thinking that Elliott would make a good sire for this litter.  Here is what Elliot’s “mom” has to say about him:  “Elliott has come to us from Puppy Patch Australian Labradoodles in Kelowna BC.  He is a darling mini boy who brings a wickedly awesome temperament in a 17 inch tall, 16 lb package.  Elliott is uber happy, super social, easy to train gem of a dog!”  Thank you Kim from Moonstruck Bernedoodles for letting us borrow him!

I would expect this litter to mature to be full sized minis and smaller mediums, so a perfect size for families.  This litter would be graded as multigen Australian Labradoodles.

And here are the babies!

phantom labradoodle puppy

Chocolate Phantom Girl – ccl, looking for a guardian home

This cute button is a going concern!  She’s friendly and outgoing and moderately active.  I love her colour and she will be a fun and engaging pet for a family wanting a dog that will go for hikes and long walks and romps at the beach.  She settles nicely when we pick her up and she is a sweet girl. She has some curl to her coat and would do well with older kids or grand kids.


black labradoodle puppy

Black Boy – going to the Kaukinen family

This sweet fellow is a really gentle and mild natured boy.  He has a lovely coat and an easy going temperament that will do well with kids or grand kids.  He’ll make a great companion for somebody wanting a dog that is easy to train and easy to live with.


phantom labradoodle puppy

Phantom Boy – going to the Hosie family

What a cute boy!  He’s just super handsome and he’ll turn heads wherever he goes…  He’s somewhere between mellow and moderate for energy levels and he’s social and likes attention.  He’s got a bit of a mind of his own, so he’ll have some initiative to train.  I think he’ll do well with kids or grand kids if you have those!


caramel labradoodle puppy

Caramel Girl – going to the Cleary family

This gentle girl is bigger than her siblings and she is really sweet!  She’s mellow and mild natured; she’ll suit a family wanting a more easy going family pet for companionship.  The whole litter are really nice I think, and all of them will do well with children.  She has a nice fleece coat and not so much curl as some of her siblings.  She’s sweet.


phantom labradoodle puppy

Black Phantom Girl – going to the Liu family

This adorable cutie is really cute!  We like her mild nature and she’s nicely put together and we like her coat with some curl but not tons of curl.  She’ll do fine with kids and will be a great companion.


Reservations pre reserved for this litter:

  1. Copper Canyon Labradoodles
  2. Copper Canyon Labradoodles
  3. The Kaukinen family
  4. The Liu family

This litter will be done via time/date stamp and if the “demand” for this litter is sort of back to normal, we will open up another litter and trial going back to the (former) usual way.