Copper Canyon Mabel and Copper Canyon Harvard Law – summer 2019

Miniature Australian Labradoodle Litter, born Aug 4 2019

Chocolates, blacks, chocolate or blue merles, expected size between 18 and 25 pounds

Meet Mabel!  Mabel is a sweet milk chocolate coloured mini girl who is just as smart as they come!  She’s social and friendly, likes to get out and meet people and do things, likes car rides.  She is one of the smartest dogs I’ve met and you get the impression she’s thinking about it all on the fly…  She is 23 pounds and has a silky coat of chocolate fleece.  We are thinking of having Harvey do the honours for siring this litter again, as her last litter with him was really nice.

Harvey has a beautiful coat of wavy fleece, his temperament is second to none and we would see interesting colours like chocolate or blue merle as well as chocolates and blacks.  No golds in this pairing as Harvey doesn’t carry that.  Harvey is a true miniature in size also, at 18 pounds so this litter will be minis. Harvey is an absolute delight to have around!  He’s friendly and easy going and has perfect manners – such a gentleman!  With his rare merle colouring, he catches attention wherever he goes!  Harvey is a nice mini in size, around 20 pounds.

I expect their babies together will finish out nicely in the mini size range, likely around 20 pounds.  We would see blacks and chocolates, blue merles and chocolate merles from this pairing. This litter would be graded as Australian Labradoodles.  Mabel’s other litter was six puppies, so we would expect a similar size from her again.

Deposits pre-booked for this litter:

  1. maybe Copper Canyon
  2. The McColl family
  3. The Joinville family
  4. The Paul family, Vancouver BC
  5.  Pending to the Shepard family

And if there’s more:

    6.  The Hanbury family, Delta BC


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