Copper Canyon Mabel and Copper Canyon Harvard Law (Harvey) 2020

Mini Australian Labradoodle Litter – expected July and going home Sept 10 or 11 2020

Blacks, chocolates, blue and chocolate merles, expected size to be around 20 – 25 pounds

Meet Mabel!  Mabel is one of the happiest, most cheerful of dogs!  She loves kids and playtime, but also knows how to have manners and greet people!  She is a nice sized girl and has had some lovely puppies for us.  Mabel will be bred to Harvey again, as their litter together last year was really nice.  Harvey is an absolute delight to have around! He has a beautiful coat of wavy fleece, his temperament is second to none and I happen to love the merles.  He’s friendly and easy going and has perfect manners!  With his rare merle colouring, he catches attention wherever he goes!  Harvey is a nice mini in size, around 20 pounds.

I expect their babies together will finish out well in the mini size range, likely around 20 – 25 pounds.  We would see blacks and chocolates, blue merles and chocolate merles from this pairing. This litter would be graded as multigen Australian Labradoodles.

Reservations pre-booked for this litter:

  1.  1. The Hamlyn family
  2.  2. The L Jones family
  3.  3. The R Jones family