apricot australian labradoodle female

chocolate phantom australian labradoodle

Copper Canyon Mia Mia! and Doodlelane’s Pull the Trigger 2022

Miniature Australian Labradoodle Litter, born April 30 2022 and going home June 26 2022.

Golds/apricot, black and chocolate, 22 – 30 pounds

Mia has been bred to Trigger and is due in early May for puppies going home in June 25th 2022.  Mia has eight sweet little puppies in a rainbow of colours!  Four girls and four boys.  We have a number of gold or caramel puppies, a chocolate parti puppy, a tricolour and a chocolate phantom.  She is a great mom and dotes over them at these early stages.

Introducing Mia!  She is a beautiful apricot girl out of Penny and Murphy, and she is just as sweet as they come!  She is an outgoing and fun loving girl with a gorgeous coat of curly fleece.  She has finished out just on the cusp between medium and full sized mini and also carries for chocolate and parti, so we may see tuxedo markings and full parti markings from her as well. Mia tends to have fairly large litters so I will not be surprised to see 8 – 10 puppies in her litter.

My thought is to let Trigger sire one last litter for us before he retires.  Trigger is a soft natured chocolate phantom boy carrying for red and for parti so we would see a rainbow of colours from these two!  He’s a nice full sized mini boy with a lovely fleece coat and I think he’d pair well with Mia.  Mia is around 30 pounds and Trigger is around 22 – 24 pounds so I would expect most of these puppies to be full sized miniatures with the possibility of very small mediums up to 30 pounds when fully grown.  This litter would be graded as multigen Australian Labradoodles.

And here are the babies!

australian labradoodle puppyRed Collar Caramel Tux Boy – going to the Letkeman family

This handsome fellow is a really nice boy.  At six weeks, he weighs 4 lbs and so he’ll be a full sized mini or smaller medium we think.  He’s mellow and gentle and more of a follower than a leader.  He has a beautiful coat of curly dark gold fleece and has cute white paws and a big white tuxedo blaze.   I think he’ll enjoy a quiet family with or without kids and he’ll be a sweet companion.


australian labradoodle puppy

Light Green Collar Caramel Tux Girl – going to the Bereza family

What a nice little puppy!  She’s gentle and easy going but sweet and social.  With her cute caramel chocolate nose and white blaze, she’s a really pretty girl.  She’s mellow for energy levels and would suit a family wanting a pup that is happy to go for a walk and happy to cuddle on the couch.  She’s just 3 3/4 pounds at six weeks, so is likely to finish in the mini size range.  She’ll do great with kids or grand kids as long as they are not rambunctious.


australian labradoodle puppyPurple Collar Caramel Boy going to the Tezcan family

What a sweet, sweet boy!  He’s mild and easy going and fun to play with.  He has nice steadiness of nerve and just seems to take everything in stride; we think he’ll make  lovely pet.  He’s almost 5 lbs at six weeks and so we think he should finish out in the small medium size range.  He’ll do just fine with kids or grand kids, if you have any.  He has a curly coat that is soft to the touch and he has a lovely nature.


australian labradoodle puppyChocolate Parti Girl – going to K in Campbell River

This girl is fun and confident and social and we like her a lot!


australian labradoodle puppyTricolour Boy – Leonard family

This boy is just as gentle as they come!  He’s the biggest puppy in the litter and he’s oh so chill and sweet.  He has a beautiful fleece coat and we can’t say enough nice things about him.  He’ll make a wonderful companion.



australian labradoodle puppyChocolate Tux Phantom Boy – going to the Agate family

What a cute fellow this is!  He’s smaller than most of his sibs, at 3.8 lbs at six weeks.  He’s super friendly and fun natured boy who will be a really fun and engaging companion.  He likes to give face washes and is somewhere between mellow and moderate for energy levels.  I like him a lot and he’ll do great with kids.


australian labradoodle puppyPink Collar Red/Caramel Girl – going to the Viljoen family

This gentle girl is really sweet!  She has a curlier fleece coat and a super nice nature (well, they all do!).  She’s bigger than some of her siblings at almost 5 1/2 pounds at six weeks, and she’ll make a great pet or walking buddy we think.


australian labradoodle puppy

Cream Littlest Girl – going to the Mackie family

This little sweetie is a gentle and mild natured girl.  She has a beautiful coat of straighter cream coloured fleece and she is the littlest puppy in the litter, weighing just over 3 lbs at six weeks old.  She’s friendly and soft natured and she’d suit a family with gentle children or grand children.


australian labradoodle puppy Australian labradoodle puppy australian labradoodle puppy 4 week old puppy 4 week old puppy 5 week old australian labradoodle puppy 5 week old australian labradoodle puppy

Reservations pre-booked for this litter:

  1. The Davison family
  2. The Dreidiger family (maybe)
  3. The Viljoen family
  4. The Mackie family
  5. The Wales family
  6. The Leonard family
  7. The Tezcan family
  8. available