Copper Canyon Mia Mia and Leapfrog Oliver – winter 2020

Medium Australian Labradoodle Litter – bred early Sept and due early Nov 2020

Golds and apricots, expected size to be between 27 and 35 pounds

This is Mia, our daughter out of Penny’s first litter with Murphy.  She is a super friendly apricot girl with a lovely coat of deep apricot curls.  She’s right on the cusp between full sized mini and small medium for size.  Mia has never met a person or dog she didn’t like!  Happy go lucky and outgoing without being bossy or a brat, she is a great dog and her guardian family loves her to bits.  Her daddy is retired from siring puppies, but he is a beautiful 36 pound medium gold and white parti boy, so we may see some tuxedo markings on her puppies.  Mia is out of a litter of 9 puppies so it will not surprise me if she does the same.

Because I want her to have a litter of mid sized mediums (and also because our red stud Bentley is her grand daddy) we have chosen to have Oliver sire this litter (so thank you Tai and Cheyenne!).  Oliver is a really nice boy with moderate boning and a beautiful wavy apricot fleece coat.  His easy going manner and friendliness will complement Mia perfectly and we look forward to their babies together.  Oliver is out of a 30 pound parent and a 38 pound parent, so he is a nice mid sized 34 pounds with ability to produce puppies both bigger and a bit smaller than himself.  This litter would be graded as multi gen Australian Labradoodles and I would expect the puppies to finish out between 27 and 35 pounds when fully grown.

Reservations pre-booked for this litter:

  1.  possibly CCL
  2. The Fletcher family
  3. The Ou-Zheng family
  4. The Williamson family (moved from Luna’s litter as there was not enough puppies)
  5. The Surrey family
  6. The Henderson family
  7.  Family in Richmond
  8. The Maleschuk family
  9. The Coopersmith Prugh family