Copper Canyon Rosie and Big Valley Darwin’s Prize – 2021

Miniature Australian Labradoodle Litter – due fall 2021, didn’t get pregnant

apricots, golds and maybe reds, 20 – 25 pounds when fully grown

Introducing Rosie! Rosie is a daughter of Tawney out of our Lil Red Bentley and she is a really mild natured girl! Rosie is a really sweet and easy going girl who just seems to “fit into” whatever is going on!  She is a friendly and playful girl, quite gentle and well used to kids as she has two of them in her guardian family. She has a lovely coat of soft reddish gold fleece and she reminds me a lot of her mom in her face but more like Bentley with her coat. She is a nice full sized mini/very small medium in size.  Rosie tends to have litters of six or seven and so I think we will open six spaces on her litter list and if she has more, we will make them available when they are born…

Darwin brings brand new bloodlines to our Australian Labradoodle breeding program!  He is a fully health tested cockapoo and we are delighted not only with his gentle and sweet nature but also with his lovely coat, great structure and genetics.  He has the whole package for developing new Australian Labradoodle bloodlines for our emerging breed.  Darwin is a solid 22 pounds and carries for chocolate, phantom and parti so we expect colourful babies from him!  As he and Rosie are both apricot/red, we should see an entire litter of blondes and apricots and reds (no brunettes or dark colours this time).  They should finish in the miniature size range and as both parents are fleece coated, I would expect the puppies to have fleece coats similar to their mom and dad.  This litter would be graded as Australian Labradoodles.

Reservations pre reserved for this litter:

  1. Copper Canyon Labradoodles
  2. Copper Canyon Labradoodles
  3. possible stud prospect
  4. The Mackenzie family
  5. The Hoyle family

Rosie may well have 6 – 8 puppies but I don’t want to take more reservation fees than she’s likely to have puppies for!  So I’ll close her litter until we have babies and then if there are more, they will be available for adoption.

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