Copper Canyon Rosie and Copper Canyon Ace It!

Small to Full Sized Mediums (and Possibly Full Sized Minis) Australian Labradoodle Litter – born Aug 13 2020, going home Oct 8 2020

Golds, apricots, blacks, possibly chocolates, expected size to be 30 – 40 pounds.

Congrats to Rosie and Ace   Rosie has seven sweet little puppies this time.  Two are black and the others are various shades of soft golds.  Introducing Rosie! Rosie is a daughter of Tawney out of our Lil Red Bentley and she is a really sweet girl! Rosie is a really sweet and easy going girl who just seems to “fit into” whatever is going on!  She is a friendly and playful girl, quite gentle and well used to kids as she has two of them in her guardian family. She has a lovely coat of soft reddish gold fleece and she reminds me a lot of her mom in her face but more like Bentley with her coat. She is a nice full sized mini/very small medium in size.

I’m thinking to let Ace be the dad of this litter.  He carries for deep gold and is parti.  Ace is one of the most easy going and sweet natured boys you will ever meet! He’s chill and friendly and ever so handsome.  He’s a son of Domino and is full brother to our Lukka.  Ace has a beautiful coat of straighter fleece that does not tend to matt and he’s beautifully put together.  He’s a bigger boy at almost 50 pounds and when paired with Rosie their puppies will likely be bigger than Rosie and smaller than dad.  We might see tuxedos and partis in this litter and for sure we will see golds, apricots, blacks and possibly creams or chocolates.  This litter would be graded as multigen Australian Labradoodles.

And here are the babies!

Solid Gold Boy – going to the Vallee family

What can we say about this cute little charmer?!  He’s funny and outgoing and playful and moderately active.  That said, he does still settle when we pick him up.  He’ll make a great family companion for a family wanting a dog that is game to play with kids, go for walks and beach romps.  He’s 6.5 pounds now so will finish out as a good sized medium.


Apricot Parti Boy – going to the Niles family

This handsome fellow is a lovely boy.  He’s playful but chill and super relaxed when we flop him over for belly rubs.  He has beautiful markings and a great demeanor.  He’ll make a superb mellow family companion.


Black No Collar Girl – going to the Taylor family

This sweetie is a gentle girl!  She likes people, she gives kisses and she’s really quite mellow and friendly!  She has a lovely coat like her daddy Ace and she is bigger than her other black sibling, weighing around 5 1/3 pounds.  She’ll do well with kids or grand kids and will be a great walking buddy.


Purple Collar Black Girl – going to the Wilhelm family

This girl looks very much like her slightly bigger black sister except she’s got a touch of spunk and play as well!  She’s a bit smaller at 5 pounds and will finish out as a smaller medium we expect.  Fun, sweet, looooves belly rubs and she settles in well for cuddles, she will be a fun family pet.


Smaller No Collar Gold Girl – going to the Chow family

This cutie is a gentle and soft natured girl who is pretty mellow.  She is playful with her siblings and she is quite mellow when we pick her up.  She is just 5 pounds now so will finish out as a smaller medium we think.  She is a follower for sure and will enjoy a family where there isn’t heaps of crazy : )


Red Collar Gold Girl – going to the Brown family

What a sweet girl!  She’s definitely on the mellow side for energy levels, and she cuddles in nicely when picked up.  She’s 6 1/4 pounds so will be a good sized medium when fully grown.  She’s quite social and comes to meet people and she will enjoy getting out for walks and then flaking out and having couch time.  She would do fine with kids or grand kids.


Darker Gold Blue Collar Girl – CCL

This girl will join our breeding program we hope!  She will go to a guardian home.


Reservations pre-booked for this litter:

  1. 1. CCL (guardian home)
  2. 2. The Niles family
  3. 3. The S.D. Brown family (moved from Amber’s litter – only want a girl)
  4. 4. The Vallee family
  5. 5. The Chow family
  6. 6. The Wilhelm family
  7. 7. The Taylor family