Copper Canyon Rumour of Excellence and Doodlelane’s Trigger – winter 2018 litter, not pregnant

Mini/Small Med Australian Labradoodle Litter – didn’t get pregnant

Chocolates and golds, possibly phantoms, expected size between 24 and 28 pounds

Introducing Rumour!  Roo is a friendly, outgoing and fun loving girl who adores hikes, beach time and couch time.  She is my daughter’s partner in crime and prefers to go with her whenever she can – hanging out at home is an ok but second choice!  She is a nice small medium size and has a cream wool coat with a big chocolate nose.  Sunset is her dad and she has his cheerful, outgoing nature.

Trigger is a sweet and sensitive boy who is a beautiful chocolate phantom mini boy carrying for red.  He has a beautiful fleece coat and is a very handsome boy.  He lives in Vancouver in a guardian home with his family and their kids.  This litter will be full sized minis and possibly just oversize into small mediums.  I would expect to see half a litter of chocolates or chocolate phantoms and half a litter of golds or blondes of various shades.  This litter would be graded as multigen Australian Labradoodles.  Expected size to be between 24 and 28 pounds.

Deposits pre-booked for this litter:

  1.   Possibly Copper Canyon

And if there’s more:


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