Copper Canyon Show Stopper (Ellie) and Copper Canyon Harvard Law (Harvey)

Mini/Micro Mini Australian Labradoodle Litter – born June 29 2020

chocolates, blacks and merles, expected size 16 – 22 lbs

Congrats to Ellie and Harvey!  They have five sweet little arrivals and three of them are very beautiful merles!  Ellie is just one of the cutest little Australian Labradoodles you will ever meet!  She is adored by her family, including her two big “brothers” who are full standard sized labradoodles!  She is a soft gold colour with a beautiful fleece coat.  She is a smaller micro mini in size and we think she is perfect!  I had planned to let Tobi be the dad for this litter, but that requires the services of a repro vet and that clinic is closed due to covid 19 and so Harvey will sire this litter.  Harvey is a super little guy, easy going and a cuddler.  He just sort of “knows what to do” in life,whether that is to hang out or go for a hike or curl up on the couch… He carries for chocolate, black and merle but not for gold, so we will see chocolates, blacks and merles in this litter.  He’s 22 pounds and I would expect this litter to finish out as micro minis and smaller minis, around 16 – 22 pounds in size.  Ellie had six puppies in her last litter, so I would expect 5 or 6 from her again. This litter would be graded as multigen Australian Labradoodles.

And here are the babies!

Bigger Black Boy – going to the Cherry family

This handsome fellow is a superb cuddler!  He is a mellow fellow with a super personality and is not shy at all, just more chill about life.  He will most likely finish out around 20 – 24 pounds.  He would suit a family with kids or grand kids that wants a more easy going dog.


Smaller Tuxedo Boy  – going to the Simson family

What a cute puppy he is!  He’s funny and social and outgoing and more towards moderately active.  He likes people and likes to give kisses and likes to play.  He’ll do well with kids and will suit a family wanting a more moderately active dog to go on walks and beach romps.


Blue Merle Boy – going to the Paster family

This handsome boy is a sweet, cuddly puppy and I like him a lot!  He’s mellow and soft natured and will be an easy boy to train as he’ll want to please.  All of these puppies are really well socialized with kids and he will do well in a family situation.  He’s bigger than his mom and will most likely finish out similar in size to his dad.


Chocolate Merle Boy – going to the Bjornson family

This fellow is super cute!  I love his markings and he is a mellow, sweet boy.  He likes to cuddle in and he will be happy to go on walks.  He’s also going to finish out similar in size to his dad.  He’s a follower, not a leader and he’ll be a great family pet.


Blue Merle Girl – going to the Moore Cruikshank family

Isn’t she cute!  She’s funny and full of zest for life and play, and she’ll make a great family pet for a family wanting a moderately active dog to go on walks or hikes or keep up with the kids.  She’s sweet when we pick her up and likes to kiss faces and ears!  She’ll be a fun, playful companion.


Deposits pre-booked for this litter:

  1.  1. The Moore family
  2. 2. The Paster family
  3. 3. The Cherry family
  4. 4. The Simpson family
  5. 5. The Bjornson family