Copper Canyon Showstopper (Ellie) and Canadoodles Cooper – 2021. Full.

Mini/Micro Mini Australian Labradoodle Litter – due early March 2021.  This litter list is full.

chocolates, blacks and golds, expected size 16 – 22 lbs.  Confirmed pregnant with ultrasound!

Congrats to Ellie and Cooper!  She has four sweet puppies this time.  One girl and three boys!  Ellie is just one of the cutest little Australian Labradoodles you will ever meet!  She is adored by her family, including her two big “brothers” who are full standard sized labradoodles!  She is a soft gold colour with a beautiful fleece coat.  She is a smaller micro mini in size and we think she is perfect!

We’ve chosen to have Cooper be the dad of this litter, so thank you Karen at Canadoodles for the loan of your boy!  Cooper is a solid full sized mini boy weighing around 26 pounds.  He’s a fun loving but soft natured snuggly boy and we are delighted to have him be the dad of this litter.  I would expect this litter to finish out as micro minis and smaller minis, around 16 – 23 pounds in size.  Ellie had six puppies in her last litter, so I would expect 5 or 6 from her again. I will accept only 5 reservations for this litter. This litter would be graded as multigen Australian Labradoodles.


Reservations pre-reserved for this litter:

  1. CCL
  2. Gill
  3. Keszthelyi
  4. McCoy
  5. Shewchenko