Copper Canyon Skye and Big Valley Darwin’s Prize – March 2021. Full.

Medium and Mini Australian Labradoodle Litter, expected March 2021.  Litter list is full

Golds, creams, apricots, blacks, and parti marked puppies, expected size to be between 25 and 30 pounds.  Confirmed pregnant with ultrasound!

Congratulations to Skye and Darwin!  She has five babies this time and mom and babies are doing great!  Introducing Skye!  She is a Mabeline daughter out of our Lukka and she is absolutely a superb dog!  Friendly and outgoing but not crazy, she is great with kids and just takes the whole world in stride!  She is a nice medium sized girl weighing around 33 pounds and has a beautiful coat of shiny black fleece.  She carries for parti and possibly for chocolate, so we will see colourful puppies from her.  She has passed her health testing and is an excellent example of what an Australian Labradoodle should be.

I decided to let our new boy Darwin do the honours this time!  Darwin is a cute little 22 pound miniature cockapoo who has passed his health testing with great results. He brings new bloodlines to our lovely developing breed and we are delighted with him.  His sweet, mild nature and friendly personality make him a good fit for her, and they both carry for chocolate and parti so we may see some nice colours in their litter together.  Both these dogs are really sweet natured and easy to train, so we expect good things from them.

I would expect puppies to be around 25 pounds when fully grown.  We would expect to see blacks, golds or creams, possibly chocolates and parti markings or tuxedo markings in any of those colours.  These puppies would be graded as Australian Labradoodles.


Reservations pre-booked for this litter:

  1. CCL
  2. The Arkinstall family
  3. The Chang family
  4. The Dhari family
  5. The Harrison family
  6. The Alberg family