Copper Canyon Skye and Copper Canyon Harvard Law – Summer 2017

Mini and Smaller Medium Australian Labradoodle Litter, born May 7th and going home July 2nd 2017

Merles, blacks, possibly chocolates or golds and parti markings, 16 to 18 inches and 25 to 32 pounds.

Introducing Skye!  Skye has just passed her health testing and we are absolutely delighted with her!  She is a daughter of Mabeline and she has her mother’s zest for life, love of people and her intelligence.  Skye has a beautiful coat of glossy black curls that are soft to the touch and don’t tend to matt.  She carries for parti markings from her dad and so we may well see some tuxedo markings or parti markings with Harvey (who also may carry for parti as his dad does).   Skye is out of a litter of 11 puppies and so we may well see a large litter from her as well.

Harvey is a confident, outgoing little fellow who is a son of Angie and Sunset.  Harvey lives on a farm in the Duncan area and so he is used to kids, cats, cows, chickens and assorted other critters.  He is a lovely blue merle in colour and has a lovely silky fleece coat.  He is quite the affectionate boy and we think his puppies will be super cute.  This litter would be graded as multigen Australian Labradoodles.

And here are the babies!

Blue Merle Girl – going to the Derksen family

This cutie is the smaller of the puppies in the litter and is likely to finish out as a full sized mini I think.  She is super cute and has an engaging and fun personality.  She has some curl to her coat but is a fleece and not a wool coat.  She’s between mellow and moderate for energy levels and will make a lovely family pet.  She has one blue eye and one brown one, so that is quite unique!

Chocolate girl – going to the Lowe family

This sweet little chocolate girl is a fun and engaging puppy!  She’s got a bit of spunk and playfulness and is more towards moderate for energy levels.  She will love playing with the kids in the yard, going for walks and hikes, going for beach time.  She is quite curly and has a lovely non shedding coat.  She will finish out as a smaller medium we think.

Black Girl – going to the Nichols family

This sweet girl is a really nice puppy!  She’s more on the mellow side and has a really cute face.  She has a lovely coat of fleece with a bit of curl to it and has a lovely temperament.  She will do really well with kids.

Chocolate Merle Girl- going to the Bogdanovich family

This cutie is a sturdy and well put together puppy!  She’s more towards moderate for energy levels but does settle in nicely for belly rubs and when we pick her up.  She is likely to finish out as a smaller medium size as well.  She’s outgoing and fun and social and will make a great family pet for a family with older kids or grand kids and she would make a great walking or hiking buddy.

Black Boy  going to the Saunders family

This handsome fellow is a chill, mellow fellow!  He’s a really nice puppy!  Social and playful but very gentle.  He will make a great family pet.


Blue Merle Boy Going to the Mundstock family

This cute fellow is a pretty easy going puppy!  He has a beautiful coat of wavy fleece and his merle colouring is really nice.  He’s likely to finish out as a smaller medium I think, for size.  He will suit a family with kids or grand kids.


Deposits pre-booked for this litter:  

1   The Mundstock family, Victoria BC

2   The Saunders family, Victoria BC

3   The Nichols family WA. (moved from Daisy’s litter)

4   The Lowe family, Delta/Ladner BC

5   The Derksen family, Chilliwack BC

6  The Bogdanovich family, Vancouver BC

7  The Wong family, New York

8  The O’Toole Purcell family, Danville CA



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