Copper Canyon Star and Copper Canyon Lukka

Medium Australian Labradoodle Litter, born July 16th and going home after Sept. 10th 2015

Chocolates, golds, blacks with possible tuxedo markings expected in this litter, 17 to 19 inches and 26 to 35 pounds.

Introducing Star! Star is a lovely medium sized chocolate girl who LOVES chasing sticks and fetching them in the surf and loves walks but is also happy to flake out on the floor at home. She’s a true lab at heart! Super smart and learns quickly, she’s a lovely girl. Star is an F1 labradoodle with a soft fleece coat that is non shedding. Her litter last summer was just outstanding!

We had thought to let Teddy sire this litter but it turns out that he would produce flat coats with Star and so we are going to pair her with Lukka. Lukka’s a friendly fellow and likes nothing more than to be with people! Lukka lives with us and is a super sweet boy who is very social but quite mild natured. He has a lovely coat of wavy fleece and is beautifully put together.

Both Star and Lukka bring very nice things to our Australian Labradoodle breed. I expect these puppies will be around 17 to 19 inches and weighing between 27 and 35 pounds when fully grown. We are excited to see puppies from her! This litter will be graded as Australian Labradoodles.  We have 8 beautiful little puppies born!  Five chocolate girls, a black girl and 2 black boys.  They all look to have the straighter coats like their dad, which we expected.  Congratulations Star!


Black Girl               Spoken for, going to the Dickinson family

What a cute little girl!  She has a lovely face and a lovely fleece coat.  Smart, social and friendly, she is a nice little puppy.  She learns quickly and is more on the quiet side for personality.  She’ll suit a family that is wanting a dog to fit in with a peaceful home.  Smaller like some of her siblings, she will also finish out as a smaller medium in size.


Tan Check Collar Girl            Spoken for, going to the Yudin family

This little sweetie is a fun and cute little girl!  She has a coat of curly fleece that is soft to the touch and is quite a bright little pup.  She is social and playful and will make a great family pet.  She’s one of the smaller puppies in the litter and I expect she’ll finish out to be a smaller medium in size (more like her mom rather than her dad).  She’s somewhere between mellow and moderate for energy level.


Red Heart Collar Girl                Spoken for, going to the Rider family

This girl is quieter natured and very smart!  She does well in peaceful situations but doesn’t like being in busy or loud environments.  She does have some bravery and soon adapts to situations.  She’s very sweet and likes people and attention.  She’ll suit a family that is easy going and quieter where she can go for walks and spend snuggle time.


Black Collar Chocolate Girl                       Spoken for, going to the Butterworth family

This cutie is an easy going, sweet girl.  She’s smaller than some of the puppies and will finish out as a smaller medium, I think.  She has a lovely wavy fleece coat and a pretty look about her.  More towards mellow, she is a nice puppy and will suit a family with kids or grand kids.


Blue Collar Chocolate Girl                         Spoken for, breeding prospect


Black Fish Collar Phantom Girl                      Spoken for, breeding prospect


Floral Collar Black Boy                     Spoken for, going to the Marin family

This cutie is a playful, spunky little puppy!  He’s cute, outgoing and fun!  He’ll suit a family with busy kids or a family wanting a dog that wants to be out doing things with them.  He’s a smaller puppy in the litter and will likely finish out as a smaller medium in size.



Biggest Black Boy                 Spoken for, going to the  Van Bakel Seland family

This handsome fellow is quite the charmer!  He loves attention and snuggles right in without squirming.  He’s also quite the self possessed boy and takes things in stride.  He’ll make an engaging, chilled family pet who will be happy to go on hikes and walks with the family.  I like him a lot.


The newborns!

StarrNB2015 StarrNBPuppyjpg

Deposits pre-booked for this litter:

  1. Copper Canyon (available to a guardian home)
  2. Possible breeding prospect
  3. The Butterworth family, moved from Jazzy’s litter
  4. The Van Bakel Seland family, Prince George BC
  5. The Marin family, Vancouver BC
  6. The Yudin family, Kelowna BC (moved from Shadow’s litter)
  7. The Rider family, Victoria BC

Available puppies in this litter:

8.  The Dickinson family, Richmond BC

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