Apricot Australian Labradoodle mom

apricot tuxedo cockapoo male

Copper Canyon Zoe and Big Valley Darwin’s Prize (Darwin) – going home spring 2023

Full Size Miniature/Sm Medium Australian Labradoodle Litter – Born March 13, 2023 Going home May 13, 2023


Apricots and tuxedos, expected size 25 – 30 lbs

Congratulations Zoe!  9 wonderful babies!  We have 6 boys and 3 girls, given the number of boys puppy families need to be open to either gender.

Zoe is a fun loving and sweet girl out of Rosie and Ace, and we think she is everything that an Australian Labradoodle should be!   She’s friendly and fun loving but has manners in the house.  In short, she is the perfect dog!  She is a mid sized medium and has the ability to produce both full sized minis as well as mediums.  When bred to a mini boy, we expect her to have half a litter of minis and half a litter of smaller to mid sized mediums.  It’s the perfect size range for many of our families as they are big enough to keep up with you and small enough to carry if they are injured (or need a bath in the laundry room sink).

Darwin is the sire this litter – his temperament is absolutely stellar and we love his coat, tuxedo markings and the boning that he gives to his babies.  Darwin brings brand new bloodlines to our Australian Labradoodle breeding program!  He is a fully health tested cockapoo and we are delighted not only with his gentle and sweet nature but also with his lovely non shedding coat, great structure and genetics.  He has the whole package for developing new Australian Labradoodle bloodlines with our emerging breed.

This litter would be graded as Australian Labradoodles, and as mom is a medium size and dad is a mini, we should see both minis and smaller mediums from this pairing.  Both parents are red/apricot and carry for parti so all the puppies will be some shade of gold/apricot and many will have white markings or full parti markings. This litter will most likely be bred in the winter and go home March or April of 2023.




Reservations pre reserved for this litter:

  • 1 The Baillie-Close family, Victoria BC
  • 2 The Garriott family
  • 3 The Oleksiew family, Richmond BC
  • 4 The Van der Kamp family, Saanich BC
  • 5 The Torres family, Burnaby BC
  • 6 The Forsythe family, Moncton NB

And if there’s more:

  • 7 The Hayre family, Surrey BC
  • 8 Poppy’s family, Duncan BC
  • 9 The Oleskiew family, Richmond BC