Copper Canyon Zola and Big Valley Darwin’s Prize (Darwin) 2020

Miniature Australian Labradoodle Litter, born November 27 2020, going home Jan 9th 2021

Chocolates, apricots, possibly phantoms in this litter.  Expected size between 18 and 25 pounds

Zola is a fun and good natured little chocolate phantom mini out of Molly and Sunset.  She’s a smaller sized mini and has a lovely coat of curly chocolate fleece carrying for gold as well.  She’s a really calm girl to have in the house, although she loves to play with other dogs and race around the yard with them.  We love her phantom colour and we are excited to see babies from her! Teddy was supposed to be the dad for this litter, but Zola decided to get tricky on us and had a VERY short heat cycle, so we were not able to let Teddy do the honours.  Instead, Darwin is the dad and he is very much like Teddy in colour (a bit darker) and he has a lovely coat of apricot and a super sweet nature.  He is a cockapoo also just like Teddy (cockapoo is in the parentage of all Australian Labradoodles), so would bring new bloodlines for us to move forward with. Their litter together would be graded as Australian Labradoodles.

Their babies together will finish out in the mini size range and we would expect chocolates and golds.  We may also see white tuxedos or parti markings in the litter as well.  Their size will range between 18 and 25 pounds I would expect.  Her first litter had six puppies and so that seems a reasonable guesstimate again!  This litter would be graded as multigen Australian Labradoodles.

And here are the babies!

Red Collar Chocolate Boy – going to the Howard Prince family

This cute fellow is a quieter boy, more on the mellow side!  He’s  a curly fleece boy and he is playful but also cuddly as well.  He’s fine on his back and I like that.  He’ll do well with other dogs I think, and he will do well in a quieter home with a good routine (either with kids or not).


Purple Collar Caramel Girl – Sheenh family

This cutie is a sweet puppy!  She’s  got a nice bit of confidence about her without being a brat, and she just seems to take things in stride.  More on the mellow side of things, she will still make a good walking buddy or playmate to kids or grand kids.


Pink Collar Chocolate Girl – going to the Scollon family

What a cute puppy she is!  She’s got a lovely coat of curly fleece and she’s a friendly girl who has  a sweet demeanor about her.  She’s friendly and likes to play but she’s not wild, and she settles in nicely when we pick her up.  She’ll do well with kids or grand kids.


Navy Collar Caramel Girl – going to the Shapray family

She’s a going concern!  She’s funny and has just a bit of spunk (in a good way) and she’ll be a really fun family pet. She’ll do well on walks and beach romps but should settle down pretty easily too.  She doesn’t struggle on her back so she’s not dominant, just likes to play.  I think she’d do well with kids or grand kids.


Lt Green Collar Gold Girl – going to the O’Brien family

My sweet little quiet girl!  She’s gentle and sweet and cuddles in really well.  She has  beautiful fleece coat and a lovely face.  She is not the bravest dog in the world but she’ll be one of the sweetest.  She will do well in a home with good routines so she knows what to do and when to do it.  I think she’d do fine with kids but she would not enjoy crazy going on around her!  She’s mellow and gentle.


Light Blue Collar Caramel Boy – going to the Segal family

This fellow is a cute one!  He’s chill and easy going and more on the mellow side of things.  He cuddles in when we pick him up and he’s fine on his back.  He’s sweet.  He’ll make a great family pet and walking buddy.


Deposits pre-booked for this litter:

  1.  The Howard Prince family
  2. The Segal family
  3. The Scollon family
  4. The Sheenh family
  5. The Shapray family
  6. The O’Brien family