Copper Canyon Zola and Springville’s Lil Red Bentley 2019

Miniature Australian Labradoodle Litter, expected May 2019

Chocolates, blacks and maybe apricots in this litter.  Expected size between 18 and 25 pounds

Congrats to Zola!  She has five sweet babies, four boys and a girl.  Zola is a gentle and sweet natured little chocolate phantom mini out of Molly and Sunset.  She’s a smaller sized mini and has a lovely coat of curly chocolate fleece.  She’s a really calm girl to have in the house, although she loves to play with other dogs and race around the yard with them.  We love her phantom colour and we are excited to see babies from her!  Bentley is a super handsome fellow and he’s quite the guy around town, visiting all the coffee shops and keeping his “people” company on walks around town.  They tell me that people stop their cars to admire him!  He’s super chill and we like him a lot.

Their babies together will finish out in the mini size range and we would expect blacks, chocolates and maybe golds/apricots if Zola carries for that.  We may also see white tuxedos or parti markings in the litter as well.  Their size will range between 18 and 25 pounds I would expect.  This litter would be graded as multigen Australian Labradoodles.  This litter list has just been opened.

And here are the babies!

Black Curly Fleece Boy – going to the Byar family

Funny, confident, social and sweet, this boy has the whole package!  He’s more towards moderate when he’s playing with his siblings, but he snuggles in really nicely when we pick him up, and doesn’t struggle to get down.  He has a more curly coat like his mom and has just an exceptional temperament (well, the whole litter is very nice really).  He’d do well with an active family who would enjoy going on walks and playtime at the park.

Black Straight Fleece Coat Boy – going to the Regehr family

This boy is a really sweet puppy!  He’s a gentle hearted soul who wants to please.  He’s pretty mellow (tho he is also playful) and he has beautifully soulful chocolate brown eyes.  He will be a great companion for somebody wanting a walking buddy, a couch snuggler and all around side kick.

Chocolate Boy – spoken for

Cute, snuggly, sweet, this guy is a nice little puppy.  He settles in when we pick him up and he’s just a touch more mellow than his moderately active couple of brothers.  He’s a social boy and not overly stubborn.  He’s playful but gentle.  He’s somewhere between mellow and moderate and I think he’ll do really well with kids or grand kids, if you have those.

Apricot Boy – going to the Manhas family

What a handsome boy!  He’s a solidly built puppy and he snuggles right in when we pick him up.  He has a beautiful coat of apricot curls and is really nicely put together.  He’s somewhere between mellow and moderate for activity levels and has a nice sense of confidence (but not brashness) to him.

Gray Collar Apricot Girl – going to the Fetterly family

This cutie is a nice little puppy!  She’s calm when we pick her up, but you can just tell that she’s got super lots of smarts and will learn tricks really quickly.  She has a cute white snip on her chin and chest and she is mellow when we hold her, but moderately active when she’s playing with the other puppies.  She’ll make a great pet for a family wanting to go for long walks and play time at the beach.

This is Zola’s puppies and Piper’s puppies, playing together!

This photo is taken under the warming lamp in the living room, so the colour is not exact!

Deposits pre-booked for this litter:

  1.  The Bayar/Milne family
  2.  The Regeher family
  3.  The Manhas family
  4.  Reserved
  5.  The Schneider family

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