Copper Canyon’s Amber and Copper Canyon Lukka – Jan 2019

Medium Australian Labradoodle Litter – going home March 26 2019

Golds, creams, possibly apricots, expected size to be between 35 and 45 pounds.

Amber is the proud mama of nine sweet little babies!  This is her first litter and she is doing great.  All nine are various shades of gold and many of them have white markings on them.  She is a peaceful and contented mom!

Introducing Amber!  Amber is a daughter of Bella, and she is a really lovely girl!  Amber loves to play with the other dogs and she also likes her couch time.  She has a beautiful coat of apricot fleece and a really beautiful nature.  Her mom is just the most stable temperamented and loving dog and Amber is a chip off her mama’s block!  She is a full sized medium girl and we think that our Lukka will pair really nicely with her.

Lukka is a very nicely put together boy with a soft coat of cream and white parti fleece, so we will see various shades of cream thro gold and possibly apricot (and we may see white tuxedos or toes as well).  He is a really gentle and cuddly boy and he is utterly willing to please.  I would expect these puppies to finish out as full sized mediums and there may be a small standard or two in the litter as well.  This litter would be graded as multigen Australian Labradoodles.  Her mom tended to have enormous litters (she had 14 for her first litter), so it will not surprise me if she has a large litter too.

And here are the babies!

Dark Pink Collar Girl – going to the Mueller family

3.3 kilos at 8 weeks old.  This sweet parti marked girl is super nice.  She’s friendly and likes people, and follows nicely.  She’s a beautifully gentle, mellow girl who will be really easy to live with!  She’ll suit a family with kids or grand kids and will enjoy walks and playtime.

Blue Collar Parti Girl – going to the Melvin family

2.4 kilos at 8 weeks old.  This little cutie is a really sweet girl too!  She’s smaller than some of her siblings (both dad and mom have a mini parent or grandparent in the mix) and that doesn’t faze her at all!  She’s more moderate for energy, likes to give kisses and is a fun little puppy.  She’ll make a great family pet.

Tan Collar Tuxedo Boy – going to the Lim family

2.4 kilos at 8 weeks old.  This handsome fellow is a funny, social, outgoing puppy.  He settles when we pick him up but you can tell that he’s going to be a boy that enjoys getting out and going for walks or hikes, playtime at the beach and playtime with kids.  He’s a nice boy.

Gold Tuxedo Girl – going to the Kjartansson family

3.5 kilos at 8 weeks old.  This pretty girl is a bit bigger than some of her littler siblings and she’s a really gentle, sweet girl.  More on the mellow side, definitely. She’d make a great therapy prospect if somebody wants to do that.  She’ll be a lovely family pet.

Apricot Tuxedo Girl – Coates family

3.25 kilos at 8 weeks.  This dark apricot girl has cute little white markings on her feet, chest and on her head too!  She’s a pretty girl and she’s a sweet girl also.  Quite mellow and easy going, she’d make a great therapy prospect as well.  She has a lovely fleecy coat and will make a lovely pet.

Gray/Lt Blue Collar Parti Boy – going to the Roth family

3.8 kilos at 8 weeks old.  Our only red parti boy in the litter, he’s a beautifully marked boy with dark red ears.  He’s a quieter boy who likes attention and belly rubs.  He’ll be a follower, and with his soft nature, he’ll be a great, gentle pet who will enjoy walks and cuddle time.

Yellow Collar Parti Boy – Gauthier family

2.35 kilos at 8 weeks old.  This adorable little fellow is as cute as they come!  He’s super gentle, easy going and soft natured but not the least bit shy.  He’ll make a beautiful pet.  Good therapy potential too (I could say that about most or all of these puppies really).

Red Collar Boy – going to the Foster family

2.7 kilos at 8 weeks old.  This cutie is a moderately active, playful and fun puppy.  He cuddles in nicely when we pick him up.  He’s got a curly coat and darker ears, really a cute boy.  He takes a moment or two to think about things sometimes, and that’s not a bad thing!  He will be a sweet and fun buddy to go and do things with, I think.

Light Pink Collar Girl – going to the Houston family

3.1 kilos at 8 weeks old.  What a sweet, sweet girl!  Mellow and easy going, but not the least bit timid, she’s a really nice puppy.  Another puppy with good therapy potential if somebody was minded to do that.  This little girl will make an amazing family pet.

They are not quite so red as the photos, but the lighting did that…

Deposits pre-booked for this litter:

  1. The Lim family, Vancouver BC
  2. The Gauthier family, Vancouver BC
  3. The Roth family, Agassiz BC
  4. The Coates family, Delta BC
  5. The Mueller family, Vancouver BC
  6. The Houston family, Nanaimo BC
  7. The Kjartansson family, Delta BC
  8.  The Foster family, N Vancouver BC
  9.  The Melvin family, N Vancouver BC

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