Copper Penny and Molly’s Major Murphy – born November 21 2017

Miniature/Sm Medium Australian Labradoodle Litter

reds, apricots, golds and parti markings or tuxedo markings.  Likely to be 25 – 33 pounds when fully grown

Congrats to Penny and Murphy!  Eight lovely little gold and apricot puppies were born in the wee hours of the Morning on November 21st, 3 girls and 5 boys.  Penny is a beautiful full sized mini red Australian Labradoodle girl with a cute white blaze on her chest.  She is a great couch snuggler and has a lovely coat of red fleecy curls.  Penny is a social and affectionate girl who quite adores being picked up to lay like a baby in our arms (tho couches and beds are also highly regarded).  We think she will pair well with Murphy, who is an outgoing and fun loving boy. I would expect her to be bred in August for a litter born in October and going home in December if she does things as expected.

Murphy is a medium sized medium American Labradoodle and is a gold/white parti marked boy with a gorgeous coat of wavy fleece.  A beautiful boy with a gregarious personality, both his parents have lovely temperament.  His structure is exceptional and he has sired some lovely puppies.  I would expect to see all golds and reds in this litter and most or all of the puppies should have white on them – either full parti markings or white toes, chests, tips of tails, etc.  This litter will be full sized minis and smaller mediums I would think.  As Penny is from a litter of 10 puppies herself, we will see what she has but I would expect at least 6 puppies in this litter (she is a bit smaller than her mom).  This litter will mature to be between 25 and 33 pounds and would be graded as Australian Labradoodles and/or multigen Labradoodles.

Here are the babies!

Blue Collar Tuxedo Boy – Available!

This handsome boy is a fun puppy!  He has a beautiful coat of red fleece and a big tuxedo blaze on his chest.  He’s a moderately active fellow as far as energy levels and loves to play, loves to cuddle and has a nice amount of confidence.  He likes to please and so will train easily.  He’d suit a family with kids or grand kids.

Biggest Gold Boy – going to the Johal Merry family

This mellow sweetheart is the biggest puppy in the litter and he’s a really sweet boy!  He’s got a beautiful coat of fleece with some curl to it and he’s quite the easy going boy.  Friendly and laid back describes him.  He’d do well with kids or grand kids.

Medium Apricot Girl

Copper Canyon Labradoodles

Apricot Tuxedo Girl – going to the Nemeth family

This cutie is a gentle, sweet  girl!  She’s sensitive and intuitive and likes to give kisses.  She has a super cute face and really pretty markings.  I do like her straight fleece coat and she may end up looking like a feminine version of her dad!  She is also playful and will suit a family with gentle kids.

Pink Camo Collar Boy – going to the Douez family

This gold tuxedo boy is a really nice puppy.  He loves belly rubs and is a gentle natured fellow.  Not the least bit timid, just easy going about it all.  He will make a great pet or therapy prospect.

Red/Silver Stripe Boy – going to the Araujo family

This handsome boy is a nice deep gold colour.  He’s moderately active, playful and social.  He’s a fun loving boy and likes to give kisses.  He’ll make a great pet for a family wanting a slightly more active dog for going on longer walks and adventures!

Smallest Gold Girl  – Going to the Mehat family

This cute little scrap doesn’t think she’s small!  She’s fun, playful and sweet.  Moderately active, she will be a fun dog!  She has a lovely coat of curly gold fleece and a small snip of white on her chest.

Tan Collar Boy – going to the Leggett family

This adorable boy is a mellow, sweet fellow who is not the least bit timid.  Playful and mild natured.  He has a red coat with a big white blaze on his chest.  He will make a great pet for a family with kids or grand kids.

Deposits pre-booked for this litter:

  1.  Copper Canyon
  2. The Golightly family, Victoria BC
  3. The Mehat family, Surrey BC
  4. The Johal Merry family, Vancouver BC
  5. The Araujo family, Pitt Meadows BC
  6. The Leggett family, Kamloops BC
  7. The Douez family



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