Labradoodledoo’s Leela and Big Valley Darwin’s Prize – Dec 15 2020

Medium Australian Labradoodle Litter – born Dec 15th 2020, going home Feb 12/13 most likely

Golds, chocolates, phantoms and blacks, possibly with white parkings, expected size 25 – 35 pounds

Congrats to Leela and Darwin!  Eight beautiful babies and all of them are doing really well.  We have four girls and four boys this time.  What a beautiful girl! Leela comes to us from a number of generations of therapy lines and her temperament is absolutely stellar! She is a mid sized medium multigen American Labradoodle so she brings new bloodlines to us. With her lovely nature and beautiful markings, we expect puppies from her to be amazing! Leela does carry for mini genetics too, so it will not surprise us if we have a litter from her with sizes ranging from mini to medium.

I had thought to let Lukka be the dad of this litter, but our new boy Darwin is super cute and his deep apricot colour as well as carrying for phantom, chocolate and parti is just too tempting!  I also think that Darwin’s coat will give us nice coats.  Darwin is a mini cockapoo boy who passed his health testing with flying colours.  He’s a sweet and friendly little guy with a gorgeous coat.  He’s 22 pounds and so we will see puppies ranging between 25 and 35 pounds we expect.  Darwin brings new bloodlines to our program and we are excited to develop a new bloodline for our Australian Labradoodle breed. This litter would be graded as Australian labradoodles.

And here are the babies!

Teal Collar Cream Parti Girl – the Chang family

This cutie is a nice little puppy!  She has a curly coat and is playful and sweet.  She’s somewhere between mellow and moderate and will make a great companion.  She’d do well with kids. She’s bigger than some of her siblings and my guess is she’ll mature to be a small to mid sized medium as she is around 7 lbs right now.


Tan Collar Black Girl – going to the Jull family

This adorable girl is a really lovely pup!  She snuggles in and gives kisses but not face washes and she’s really cute.  She has a straight fleece coat and a small little “soul patch” on her chin.  She’s more on the mellow (but still playful) side of things and she’ll make a superb companion for a family with kids or grand kids if you have those!  She weighs 4 3/4 pounds right now so will most likely finish out as a full sized mini.


Silver Collar Black Girl – going to the Reed family

So this cute girl is a bit bigger than her other black sister…  She’s 5 1/2 pounds and I expect she’ll finish as a full sized mini.  She’s more on the quiet side for activity levels and will suit a more quiet household as I don’t think she’d enjoy a really loud or rambunctious home.  She’s sweet and soft natured, not the bravest puppy in the world but not overly timid either.  She’ll enjoy going for walks and having couch time with her family.


Red Collar Cream Boy – going to the Harrison family

This handsome fellow is a fun puppy!  He’s more towards moderate for energy levels but he also settles in nicely when we pick him up.  He’s got a curly coat and is just over 6 lbs right now, so will likely finish out as a very small medium in size.  He’ll do great with kids or grand kids and will enjoy good walks or romps at the beach, but also be happy to hang out at home.


Green Collar Boy – going to the Maleschuk family

This is a fun puppy!  His photos are as good a description as what I could write!  He’s playful and funny and social but not particularly stubborn.  I think he’d be a great family dog for a family with active kids.  He has a super straight coat and he’s right at 5 pounds, so most likely he’ll be a full sized mini.


Chocolate Tuxedo Boy – going to the Mann family

What a handsome boy!  His white paws and chest are really cute and he’s a mellow snuggler by nature.  Mild, a follower, easy going and not the bravest dog but not timid either, he’ll do well with kids or grand kids and will suit a home with a routine and lots of affection.  He’s the biggest puppy in the litter at 7 3/4 pounds so is most likely to finish out as a mid sized medium.  He’d also do well with another doggy buddy if that worked out.


Black Collar Caramel Boy – going to the Wispinski family

What a sweet, sweet boy!  He’s mellow and cuddly and not the least bit timid and I like him a lot.  He’s got a straight fleece coat and is such a nice personality.  He’s just over 5 pounds right now, so I think he’ll be a full sized mini or maybe a very small medium in size.  He’d do great with kids and will make a lovely companion or family pet.


Chocolate Phantom Girl – hopefully joining our breeding program!


Deposits pre-booked for this litter:

  1.  CCL
  2.  CCL
  3. The Maleschuk family (moved from Mia’s litter list as there were not enough puppies)
  4. The Jull Pastershank family
  5. The Harrison family
  6. The A Mann family
  7. The Reed family
  8. The Wispinski family