Labradoodledoo’s Leela and Big Valley Darwin’s Prize – 2020

Medium Australian Labradoodle Litter – expected December 2020

Golds, chocolates, phantoms and blacks, possibly with white parkings, expected size 25 – 35 pounds

What a beautiful girl! Leela comes to us from a number of generations of therapy lines and her temperament is absolutely stellar! She is a mid sized medium multigen American Labradoodle so she brings new bloodlines to us. With her lovely nature and beautiful markings, we expect puppies from her to be amazing! Leela does carry for mini genetics too, so it will not surprise us if we have a litter from her with sizes ranging from mini to medium.

I had thought to let Lukka be the dad of this litter, but our new boy Darwin is super cute and his deep apricot colour as well as carrying for phantom, chocolate and parti is just too tempting!  I also think that Darwin’s coat will give us nice coats.  Darwin is a mini cockapoo boy who passed his health testing with flying colours.  He’s a sweet and friendly little guy with a gorgeous coat.  He’s 22 pounds and so we will see puppies ranging between 25 and 35 pounds we expect.  Darwin brings new bloodlines to our program and we are excited to develop a new bloodline for our Australian Labradoodle breed. This litter would be graded as Australian labradoodles.

Deposits pre-booked for this litter:

  1.  CCL
  2.  CCL
  3.  The Jull Pastershank family
  4. The Harrison family
  5. The A Mann family
  6. The Reed family