Poppy and Lukka’s Medium Australian Labradoodle Litter Dec 23 2015

Medium Australian Labradoodle litter Born Dec 23 2015, going home Feb 20th!

Creams and golds expected in this litter, likely to mature to be between 17 and 19 inches and 25 to 35 pounds

Introducing Bella’s Poppy and Lukka and their seven new puppies!  We have six boys and one girl!  We had thought to let Poppy have a summer 2016 litter with either Trigger or Bentley, but it seems that Poppy has taken matters into her own paws…!  So Poppy and Lukka are expecting a litter of nicely sized medium Australian Labradoodles in December and they will be going to homes in late Feb.  Poppy is a beautiful red moyen poodle with the loveliest of temperament.  She loves to cuddle on the couch in our laps and has not met a person she did not like!  She has a white tuxedo and so with Lukka’s parti markings we may well see some tuxedo and parti marked puppies too.

Lukka is a handsome boy about 18 inches and 35 pounds.  He has a silky coat of wavy fleece and is super trainable as he has a real desire to please.  Lukka lives with us and is a super friendly boy.  Both Poppy and Lukka are very nicely put together and we are excited to see their babies!  This litter should mature to be in the medium size range and we will see various shades of creams, golds and apricots.  This litter is graded as Australian Labradoodles.

And here are the babies;


Green Collar Boy  – going to the Mercier family

This fellow is one of the bigger boys in the litter.  He has a cute tuxedo marking on his chest and a very nice coat.  He’s quieter natured and will suit an easy going household.



Red Collar Boy – going to the Raine family

This fellow is a playful and engaging puppy!  He is more towards moderate for energy levels and will be a fun companion for a family with kids or somebody who wants a good walking buddy.  He is likely to finish out as a nice medium sized boy.



No Collar Boy  – going to the Wardle family

This cute boy is not the biggest and not the smallest in the litter.   He has a lovely coat of gold curls and is quite a bubbly, engaging fellow!  He is quite social and likes to be picked up.  More towards moderate for energy levels.  He will be a fun pet.




No Collar Smaller Boy – going to the Steinberg family

This little fellow is a cute one!  He’s engaging and likes people.  He has very nice markings, a wavy fleece coat and a gentle personality.  He will suit a family with children or grand children who want a smaller medium dog.



Red Bone Collar Boy  – going to Jesse Smith

This handsome fellow is a bigger puppy and will likely finish out similar in size to his dad.  He cuddles in nicely when we pick him up and he is more on the mellow side for personality.  He likes to play and is a nice little puppy.


Bergundy Collar Boy – going to the Mawani family

What a cute little fellow this one is!  He is one of the smaller puppies in the litter and has a wavy fleece coat.  He is very social, likes to give kisses and will be a fun pet.  He is likely to be a smaller medium in size when fully grown.


Gold Female  – going to the Matthews family

Our one girl in the litter!  She is a sweet and cuddly girl with a lovely coat of soft gold and is more on the mellow side for activity levels.  She is not the smallest or the biggest in the litter.  She will make a lovely family pet.


bath time!

PoppyPupBathtime Pup4wks3 Pup4wks PoppyPup1week




Deposits pre-booked for this litter:

  1.  The Wardle family, N Vancouver
  2.  J Smith, Vancouver BC
  3.  The Steinberg family, Syosset NY

Available spaces on this litter:

4.  The Matthew family, Victoria BC

5.  The Mawani family, Burnaby BC

6.  The Raine family, Vancouver BC

7.  The Mercier family, Nanaimo BC

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