Planning for a Puppy

Puppy Planning So you’re considering adding a canine member to your family? Wonderful! We believe that our boys and girls would be a wonderful addition to any home. Our labradoodles have wonderful caring and friendly personalities and are sure to be a great match for a family with children or an adult looking for a sweet friend to keep them company. However, there are a couple of things for you to consider prior to bringing another member into your family.


At Copper Canyon Labradoodles, we know that everyone is busy, but adopting a pup means making sure that you have the time in your schedule to accommodate the demands of a new pup. Think about the commitment that bringing a dog into your life means. How would this impact your schedule? You would have to get up early to feed your new furry friend and walk him or her. You would have to come home after work to walk him or her. You would also need to find a dog-sitter if you go out of town – long weekend trips would no longer be spontaneous unless they were puppy friendly.

At the start, especially, you’ll need to have free time. A young puppy cannot be left alone for eight hours, and they crave socialization. They also need dedicated attention from you to train them, breaking them of any bad habits and establishing positive behaviors early. Not everyone can take time from their typical 9-5 work day, but a neighbor or family member can sometimes provide some assistance or, if you live near your workplace, you can also head home for lunch to provide your pup with a few minutes of attention and a bathroom break.


Dogs can be expensive. When caring for a dog, there are the obvious expenses or dog food, treats and toys. There are costs that you might not think of as readily, though. There are annual trips to the vet for checkups and vaccines. There are also emergency appointments which might happen if your dog gets something in his or her mouth that they shouldn’t, leading to an expensive trip to the animal hospital. You might also be looking at improvements at home to make your home more dog friendly, like adding a fence around your back yard – a costly improvement. You may also need to register your dog with your town, village or city which could be even more expenses and fees


 We believe that space should also be a huge consideration. Every dog is different, and while you might think a large dog would need a larger space, it more often comes down to the energy level of the dog. Some big dogs have less energy than excitable smaller breeds, which can mean that whether you have enough space comes down more to the breed and individual pup more than the size of the breed. Our labradoodles are intelligent creatures that need stimulation, but can often find plenty to do in a home of any size as long as there are plenty of engaging activities. This can include toys and games played in your home or trips to nearby parks and regular walks. Remember, a tired labradoodle is a happy labradoodle!


 Unfortunately, we know that some people are allergic to animals. If you have never had a dog in your home before, we would recommend getting an allergy test, just to be on the safe side. Luckily, our labradoodles are great for most people, even those who have traditional dog allergies. If someone in your family has an allergy, we would be more than happy to set up a meet and greet with one of our labradoodles! Our pups have two different types of coats: fleece and wool. While labradoodles tend to be a great option when allergies are a concern, as they are non-shedding, often not triggering a reaction. For those who are most sensitive, we would recommend one of our puppies with a wool coat, and we can also provide hair and saliva samples to test for those families within driving distance to see how they react.

At Copper Canyon Labradoodles, we believe in “furever” homes, not “fur now” homes. We believe that a dog is like adding a child to your family, and we know that you’ll love your future labradoodle companion. If you have any questions or concerns, or want to learn more about our currently expected puppy litters, call us today at 877-850-2022.