Pump Up Your Pup’s Playtime with Fun Gadgets

Dog Toys and suppliesDogs provide us with endless amounts of fun and are great companions for everyday activities. A dog is much more than just an animal; they are an extension of us and have unique needs just as we do.

In the summer months, we see a lot of pets who are out and about in the sun just as we are, with the exception that dogs don’t have the same kind of coverage and protection as we do. The business for animal gadgets has grown tremendously as research is showing that our pups need more options to help keep them safe and comfortable during the warmer weather.

“The Today Show” recently dedicated a segment to creative products useful for pet owners during the warm months, as well as for travel and outdoor play. Let’s take a look at a few of our favorites.

Car Travel Harness by Solvit

As nice as it is to let your dog hang out the car window on a sunny day, it is just not safe. This creative dog harness allows your pet to stay safe against the seat with his or her own “seatbelt.”

Dog Umbrella Leash

Dogs don’t always like to be outside when it’s raining, and this fun umbrella is made just for your dog. It conveniently attaches to a leash, making it easy to use and providing coverage during those passing summer showers.

Sun & Bug Blocker by Hurrta

This “coat” is lightweight and repels against many bugs, such as mosquitos and ticks. It also offers UV protection, keeping your pup from getting sunburned. Great for a day of outdoor play in the yard or fields, this garment provides both comfort and security for your dog.

Dog Sunglasses by Doggles.com

Studies have shown that the harsh sun has a negative impact on a dog’s sensitive eyes and these adorable goggles do the work of traditional sunglasses for people, offering full eye coverage and a strap to secure the goggles.

Dog Sunmist & Wipes by Petkin.com

Your dog’s skin is susceptible to sun damage and regular over-the-counter sunscreens can include ingredients that are harmful to your dog. These Petkin products are ideal to protect your dog’s skin, though, and are super easy to apply.

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