Pups and Parties: Tips for Fall Fun for All

LabradoodleIf you have a labradoodle, you know this breed thrives when interacting with people. Characterized by their good humor and easy-going nature, labradoodles are amazing, gentle dogs that can easily be integrated into your social events this fall.

Do you have plans of throwing or attending a party this fall? Consider allowing your pup to join in on the fun! Read below for tips on hosting and attending fall parties with your labradoodle.

Hosting a Party with Your Pup

•Clean up before guests arrive

Though labradoodles typically have non-shedding coats suitable for most people with allergies, you can never be too careful when it comes to your party environment. Make sure to thoroughly vacuum your furniture and carpets before anyone arrives, and shake out your pillows and tablecloths. That way you can be sure your house is ready to go come party time.

• Set some boundaries

Labradoodles will enjoy being around your guests, but the last thing you want your furry friend to do is weave through your guests’ legs as they try to walk around the room or jump up on the couch to steal some of your limited seating. Care.com suggests that you set physical boundaries for your labradoodle before guests arrive by keeping him or her contained in a gated-off area or a separate room from party guests.

Another trick to try is to keep your pet with you on a leash to control his or her actions. Is your pup trying to sniff or lick everyone he sees? Maybe he is getting too friendly and your guests are uncomfortable? Using a leash helps you stay in control while keeping your pet at your side.

Bringing Your Pup to a Party

• Respect your party host

When you want to bring your labradoodle along with you to a party, be sure to first ask the party host if this is OK. You don’t want to show up with your pup to find out that someone has a severe phobia of dogs. Asking your host for permission sidesteps the possibility for disaster.

Dogs, like people, also need to go through initial pleasantries when attending a party. This means that you should bring your dog on a leash – as should the other guests – and only let them play freely once they’ve had a chance to all greet one another. This gives the dogs an opportunity to smell one another and say hello, and people a moment to observe their behavior and interaction to see if they might fight or be aggressive.

• Bring some essentials

Bring along some toys for your labradoodle to keep them entertained, as well as some treats and other goodies or essentials. Extra toys and treats for the other dogs at the party may seem like a good idea, but could lead to growling, fighting and guarding behaviors. A good option is to bring activity toys that all the pups can enjoy but not guard, like slides, tunnels or puppy pools. Also, bring along your pup’s leash and possibly a portable stake to tie your pup’s leash to for outdoor parties. Don’t be caught unprepared!

What are you waiting for? Grab your labradoodle, and start party planning. Don’t have a labradoodle? You’ve come to the right place. At Copper Canyon Labradoodles, we offer beautiful pups that are sure to be well-loved additions to your family. Find out about expected upcoming litters online, or call us at 877-850-2022 to learn more.