Reasons to Add an Australian Labradoodle to Your Home

Australian Labradoodles

Australian Labradoodles What are some reasons you should consider adding an Australian Labradoodle to your home?

Loyal Friend

First, Australian Labradoodles live up to the “dog is man’s best friend” adage. If you’re looking for the kind of dog who’ll pal around with you, love you unconditionally, and be the kind of pet you can’t wait to come home to, this one’s it! Australian Labradoodles were bred to be a companion and guide dog. Of all the breeds, they’re one of the smartest and most intuitive. They come from a long line of highly intelligent parents.

Do you want a dog who is totally devoted to you? Australian Labradoodles pay close attention to their owners. They make eye contact and they pay attention to body language. If and when you need attention, your pet dog will want to give it to you. If he or she senses you need to be left alone, your dog will know that, too. They’re so intuitive. They can “read” a person’s mood and act accordingly. And just like a human friend who tries to cheer you up when you need to smile, your Australian Labradoodle will act goofy and funny to lighten your mood. Yes, they’re that smart.

Easy to Train

Want a dog that’s easy to train? An Australian Labradoodle isn’t some stubborn, lazy, or angry dog. Instead, he or she enjoys learning and always wants to learn more…


These dogs love being around people; they’re not the kind you leave outside in a kennel. They want to be near you and your family rather than isolated or ignored. If you’re looking for a true “family companion” dog, get an Australian Labradoodle.


For those allergic to dogs, don’t worry about the Australian Labradoodle with its nearly odor free, non-shedding coat. You won’t be finding hair everywhere and you should be able to breathe just fine with your pet living in the house with you.


Finally, if you’re looking for a dog that’s fun and adventurous, most Australian Labradoodles love water, playing fetch, and walking/running around. Not known to be biters, you can expect them to playfully grab your sleeve or pant leg with their cute little mouth in their attempt to play– but not bite you.

If you would like to learn more the benefits of owning a Australian Labradoodle, contact Copper Canyon today.