Spring Time Walks Are Great For Pet And Owner

Spring Time Walks Are Great For Pet and Owner

Pets are not only great companions, they are excellent exercise buddies. Since a dog needs physical exercise daily to keep bones and heart healthy, those brisk walks are a great way to keep our bodies healthy too.


The spring is a particularly wonderful season for long walks with your furry friend. The scenery is coming alive again, the sounds are refreshing, and the temperatures are just right for your dog. If you have an over-active dog, a walk will do the trick of calming him down.


Just how much exercise your dog needs depends on the breed. A walk through the neighborhood or to the local park is just what this social breed will need and thank you for.


Labradoodles Feed Off Of The Activity And LoveSpring Time Walks Are Great For Pet and Owner (2)


Labradoodles are not capable of being penned up for long periods during the day. This breed needs attention and stimulation, which can be given through exercise activities of a long walk, quick run, or game of fetch.


Since the Labradoodle needs to feel loved, accepted and close to their family, a springtime walk is a great way to bond with your dog. The Labradoodle is not confrontational with other breeds, which makes walking outside an enjoyable experience.


If you feel an Australian Labradoodle is what your family needs, be sure to contact Copper Canyon Labradoodles. We are a breeder that loves the Labradoodle and its playful, energetic and infectious demeanor. As an ideal walking companion, this is a wonderful addition to your life.