The Three Types of Labradoodle Coats

labradoodle coats

Labradoodles are fast becoming one of the most popular breeds, with the best of both the poodle and the lab. They are friendly and playful, and make great family dogs. There are different types of coats on Labradoodles, some more high maintenance than others, and not all of them are non-shedding. Deciding which type is right for you and suits your lifestyle best is an important step in choosing your new best friend.


Hair Coats


These coats are either wavy or straight and can be of varying lengths and thicknesses. It is pretty low maintenance when it comes to brushing and care, but some can shed quite heavily. That varies as well. In appearance they look like shaggy labs.


Fleece Coats


Sometimes considered the Labradoodle coat, fleece coats are soft, and have waves or loose curls, and occasionally tight spiral curls. As puppies, these coats are very low maintenance, and as they become adults their coat can get away with a weekly brushing. This coat is pretty hypoallergenic, and usually there is no odor. Fleece coats tend to be non-shedding, but occasionally Labradoodles will have a fleece/hair combination that will cause some very light shedding.


Wool Coat


This coat typically has poodle-like tight curls, though sometimes they can be looser curls. It is hypoallergenic and non-shedding but may be required to be brushed once or twice a week. If it is spiral curls, maintenance is a bit easier.


Before choosing your Labradoodle, decide what kind of time you are willing to put in maintaining your dog’s coat. In general, the longer the coat, the more brushing that is required. If you have allergies you must take that into account, and if you can’t stand a coat that sheds, certain coat types are not for you. Pick the Labradoodle that is right for you, and you will never be sorry.